The Risk of “Solar Maximum” of 2014


The Sun Flares with Activity

Image credits:NASA’s Earth Observatory


In the movie “2012”,a series of global destruction started because solar activity greatly increased, but in year 2012 too, the earth was good, so can we be assured? But NASA tells us that, as because of every 11-year cycle of solar activity, Solar Maximum period was about to come, probably late this year or early next year.

What is the Solar Maximum?

The solar surface activity increases or decreases periodically. The period with strongest activities, is called the Maximum period of solar activity, or also called “Solar Maximum” period. Because as this time will have a very large number of sunspots, so it is also called the sunspot maximum periods.

As the Sun gradually entered a period of enormous, from the Sun’s surface projection of CME (coronal mass ejection: CME) gradually increased in frequency, like a day, on July 22, the Sun coming towards us, “fired a shot”, projecting billions of tons of particles, so did we already face the end of 2012? Don’t worry, now we’re alive and well on the Internet, don’t you?

Although solar activity does not result in destruction of the Earth, but the Sun’s strong Coronal, likely to contribute to defects in radio communication networks, electricity networks affecting power, electronic instrument damage and so on. The solar storm of 1859, at a time when large, even the telegraph lines in Europe and North America were melting away. In this July, the ejection has occurred, its size has failed to meet the minimum level which may be reason for damage, but very little about it can be said regarding the impact on human.

But then, solar activity will become increasingly severe, should we worry? Probably do not have to, this solar maximum will be the weakest since the first century, if we all get through the last solar maximum in 2000 of, that this is probably nothing to fear.

Natural sciences on Sun helps us to understand that actually Sun is also very poor currently. In 2006 also, NASA predicted that Solar Maximum period will occur in year 2010-2011, and would be super strong of once, which inspired the movie “2012” of the imagination, but NASA’s predictions went completely wrong. Now to this point in time, the sun’s activity is still very slight, NASA’s change forecast is going to be late this year or early in the next year, and it tells that this may be a centuries weakest one, to harm “2012” into a joke. Can only say that humans known to the unknown thing is better than a lot of things already known. . . . . .

There are only few people who are actually worried about solar activity, because in history, from 1645 to 1715, the solar activity has been very small, known as the Maunder Minimum. Coincidentally, this time, with the history of the Earth cooler i.e. “Little Ice Age” was consistent with the coldest time, so some people think that as the Maunder Minimum, the effects that this Little Ice Age have caused, this coming solar activity is also going to be very less effective, but this hypothesis has not been of unanimous approval.

If the hypothesis is true, then we might want to be careful, as the next solar activity, is becoming smaller and smaller, into similar Maunder Minimum period, which may bring small Ice Age. Recalling those days, because the temperature will get reduced, climate change may cause food production reduction, and many historians believe that humans may face a bad effect, like the residents of Greenland, thus completely extinct, the population of Iceland is also reduced by half, the North American Indians formed an alliance with each other because of food shortage, war, famine caused due once the European times of plague, and some people think that the Little Ice Age was reason for demise of the Ming Dynasty everywhere.

However, humans created a massive amounts of carbon dioxide. The global temperatures have been rising in recent years,which is the main threat to global warming, that may also mean that, we do not have to worry too much about the Little Ice Age, consisting of the global cooling problems.


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