The Real Way to Lose Weight


There are numerous websites selling stupid equipment, drugs, & weight loss plans to “help” people loose the extra pounds. But do they really work? And if they do, are they good for your health? Well, depending upon your body & requirements, one of these plans may work out for you, but you should not ignore its side effects & long time effects.

The only real & natural way to lose weight is to take in less calories than you are currently taking. The amount of calories you need to cut down depends upon the amount of weight you want to loose. Just think of the calorie not only as a unit of food but also a unit of your weight.(though not all calories in a food product come from fat)

So here’s how you do it-

Step 1-Calculate your BMI and see where you stand.

Step 2-Find out your daily calorie requirements if you want to reduce your weight from X to Y. You can do that here-Calorie Calculator

Step 3-Check your diet. Take in only your daily requirements as calculated above. Not less, not more.
To do this-Keep a list, write down the calorie intake after each meal.

Once you lose 7500 calories(over whatever time-1 week, preferably)-you loose 1 kg.
(1 kg=7500 calories). To make things easy, stop taking oil & sugar.

You can use to find out what amount of calories each food product has. And remember, there is no shortcut to losing weight. All those 1 day fat loss programs are bullshit.



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