The QWERTY Keyboard


If you’re wondering what the “QWERTY” keyboard is, then have a look at the first six keys of your keyboards. Exactly, the mysterious order(or disorder?) of the keys.

So, lets go back to the “typewriters” period. The keys-before the QWERTY-were in order. Now, in the typewriters, keys were mounted on there metal bars & when pressed, they took the ink & printed stuff on the paper. Now, usually letters like A,B,C,D,E would be used more often than the X, Y & Zs.

So, the common letters being together-used again and again, jammed the metal bars, especially while typing fast-a bar won’t get the time needed to come back up while the adjacent would be pressed.

This led to rearranging the keys into what is now called to QWERTY keyboard! This prevented jams while fast typing.

The legend was carried on by the modern computers as a tribute to the typewriters! Well, not really.. Now, the reason why we still use it is-well-just think of your fingers as metal bars-metal bars jam-our fingers get tired. So its better if we could use typing techniques like the traditional finger layout(ASDF-JKL)-dividing jobs equally to both hands, and providing for spacing out the fingers.


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