The New Myspace – Myspace’s Third Attempt


I know this is coming in late, but I never cared to write a review on Myspace’s series of failed attempts at social networking. This post is about Myspace’s third attempt – which is called the “New Myspace”.

new myspace

The Original Myspace – The original Myspace worked – and the only reason why it worked was because people had only Myspace. They were not aware of anything better than Myspace. A large number of teens used this version until Facebook came into picture.

The Redesigned Myspace – Myspace had figured that it was losing out and launched a redesigned version of the old Myspace with some new additions. It was amazing how badly this was done keeping in mind they already had Facebook to compete with.

The New Myspace – Once again, Myspace realized they were not good enough but also made one important observation. This was that whatever Myspace could get at that time was because of the music scene and followers. They tried to use this observation to create a combination of Facebook and Spotify – which din’t work out that well.

new myspace bands

Here is a short summary in points on the new Myspace:

1. A minimal and modern design – right scrolling adds some complication but looks cool
2. Stream music and videos – a bottom bar which acts as a music player is a good thing on the new Myspace.
3. Your music library – whatever you streams gets added to your library
4. Automatic band connections based on music you listen too – this is the first time you create an account
5. Profile customization – kept “too” simple
6. Similar people –¬†gives % affinity / compatibility to others based on the music they listen to
7. Mixes – Make your own playlists “mixes” and share them on your Myspace
8. Usage – No clear way to use it – all mixed up

new myspace

The only suggestion I could give here to users is to continue with Facebook – and connect with people you know. For music, you could use any of the sites like Spotify. All in all, there’s nothing new the new Myspace has to offer.


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