The Easiest Way to Find / Share Your Blackberry BBM Pin


Ever wondered what’s the easiest and the fastest way to find out / share your BBM pin?

Blackberry makes it very easier to find your BBM pin and share it – especially if you’re sharing it via text messaging.


Method 1 – Text Messaging / Email:

Well, all you need to do is create a new text message and write “Mypin” in the message. The message will automatically show your BBM pin. You can then share the same with anyone.

Method 2 – Keyboard Shortcut:

Another alternative is to press: Alt (left) + Shift + H on your home screen. This will show you all details of your Blackberry including your BBM pin, Signal Strength, Battery Level, and Memory.

Method 3 – Keyboard Shortcut:

This is an alternative to the second method. Just type EACE while holding left alt key on your home screen to get the same menu as in method 2.


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