Should You Take Medical Marijuana for Migraine?


Medical Marijuana Migraine

The New York State Health Department rigorously tests medical marijuana products for pesticides, contaminants, levels of THC, and CBD. Only those products that meet the Department’s standards get approved

Medical marijuana in New York is not uncommon. People use it for a wide variety of ailments such as migraines, chronic pain, nausea, seizures, Crohn’s disease, etc. Migraines are especially challenging to overcome without medicines. Marijuana is one alternative drug that you can try to ease migraines. 

How Does It Work To Relieve Pain?

The human body has receptors throughout the nervous system. These receptors send pain signals to the brain, and you begin to feel the pain. What marijuana does is that it releases the compound cannabinoid that looks for these receptors. When they reach the receptors, they reduce the level of pain signals being sent to the brain, helping ease pain. 

How Does It Work For Migraines?

A University of Colorado study found optimistic results. They asked 121 people with severe migraines to take marijuana every day. A month later, 40% of patients reported that their migraines were reduced by about half.

New York has legalized medical marijuana. The average age of those using marijuana medicinally was below 34 years. This comprised almost equal proportions of both genders.

How Should You Administer It?

Marijuana is available in many forms from edibles, to inhalers, to gummy bears, oil, cream, and so much more. The study found that inhalers were the most effective in treating a progressing migraine. 

Edible marijuana was not as effective. Marijuana used in the form of oil was more useful in treating pains such as arthritis and joint pains but did not work for migraines. 

Will I Get A High?

Usually, the mention of medical marijuana does not get the desired attention. Most people associate it with a high. This is the THC in the marijuana plant. Most medical marijuana products are negligible levels of THC, the high-factor. They are mostly made from the compound CBD that has several medicinal uses. So, if you are contemplating medical marijuana, then the high should be the last thing on your mind.

Are There Any Side Effects?

About 1.3 million people in New York were known to have used some form of marijuana in 2018. That should be reassuring. First-timers may experience dizziness, weakness, or moodiness. But you will be able to overcome these effects quickly. 

If you are a regular user, then you may develop a tolerance for it and may require higher doses to treat the migraines. That said, it was found that there is no “overuse headache” associated with it. It means that your migraines will not get worse over time.

Smoking marijuana can have adverse effects on your lung health. It is advisable to use inhalers instead.

Is It Legal?

Medical marijuana in New York is legal. You can get access to these products by getting a medical marijuana card. You need to meet an MMJ doctor who will diagnose your condition and decide if you qualify for medical marijuana. Once they approve you, your medical marijuana card will reach you in a few days. 

Marijuana is no longer used only as a recreational drug. The plant has been known for its medical benefits and is becoming popular among New Yorkers as alternative medicine. Migraines are one of the many conditions it is known to be effective. So, don’t wait longer and give it a try.

Please check with your local authorities about Marijuana being legal in your city.

Note: Please consult your doctor before you start taking Marijuana


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