15 Super Funny Ways to Say Sorry


Have you ever wondered and wished if saying sorry would not feel like an ego-busting episode? Making mistakes is a part of life, and when it comes to owning them, there is only one word that matters- Sorry. Whether it’s for a friend, your spouse or a partner or for that matter, a stranger!

Here are 15 cute ways to say sorry, without sounding chichi.

Employ the Cat Thug


Cats are the ultimate thug machines. They get what they want. If you are seeking a quick forgiveness or even an acknowledgement, take the feline route.

Facial expressions give a lot when you say sorry. Try pushing meme messages or making remorseful face to melt an angry soul.

The Cuteness Galore


How about getting your 5 year old nephew or niece to say sorry on your behalf! A trick mastered by fallen boyfriends over the ages, the voice of the kid saying sorry is the most innocent revelation you will ever come across.

Be the JB


Just can’t get the word right out of the throat? How about humming it to your sweetheart… Let us get Justin Bieber on the roll with his 2015 PURPOSE number. Yep, it is a fun way to sing “Sorry”.

So, is it too late now to say sorry?


Pick a sign board

Look left and right on road. You probably might find a signboard suggesting there immaculate pace of workmanship. Snap the picture like we did here, and send it across to someone you really wish to apologise for a bumpy ride in the relationship so far!


The Customer-friendly Sorry


Planning to close the shop for a routine maintenance on a weekend? Hang a sign that tests the patience and tickles the funny bone too.

The Caesar Apology: Blunt and Through


Perfect for the unsolicited advisors who keep poking you on every decision made. Be the Zen monk with a touchy apology that sparkles in every way you promote the art of forgiveness.

Say it with a Drink

Absolutely no gender biasing here… Sorry comes easy with couple of drinks down, and you might be forgiven at an equally frantic pace.


Don’t load the drink with a game of gamble. You may not get a chance to apologise ever again, to her or to yourself.


The Partner in Crime


It takes two to clap. But you can douse this fire yourself by confessing you really are the one to blame… (or in mind the other person!!!).

The Cake Delight

Paste a message of apology with some really quirky line. Our inspirations are Calvin and Hobbes series and Garfield. If you find someone saying sorry in a funnier way than these characters, try doing it. (Consequences are inconsequential, though)


Talk it out, like an Ass…

Erase the whole shebang and start all over again.

Own it up you jack ass, minus the jabber.


…Or like the condescending Joker


Sorry Bro, I am such an Alan!!!

Need we say more… on this.


….I have been such a Rachel


T-Shirt Slogan

Throw a hint at why your apology sounds so unapologetic…

Get this T-Shirt for the one you hurt, especially if you think you have been right, but can’t let Karma stalk you in future.


Say it with a Swag

Put on a mask…

For inspiration, look not beyond a certain set of politicians!


Saying sorry may not come easy the conventional way, but with these ideas you just saved yourself from turning into a douche-bag for sure.



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