How to Stay Away from Painful Immigration Scams


Immigration scams include charging ridiculously high fees or wrong documentation while there are those who call themselves notary publics when they do not have attained any legal training at all.

California is known for its cases of immigration fraud. According to the Federal Trade, 25% of immigration fraud cases in the United States come from California. Would you be surprised to learn that the office of the Attorney General of California receives at least 60 immigration cases each year?

It is always important to report immigration fraud whenever it occurs to create a database that will help save the system. Whatever your immigration need is – whether to change your residency status or any other need, this post is aimed at pointing out useful tips that will protect you from immigration scams. 

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We recommend the following:

  1. Check Out the Attorney’s Website

Immigration attorneys have websites. When you search for their website, look out for red flags such as poor construction, unverified claims, or inconsistencies. Be careful when you notice any, as you may be dealing with a nonprofessional. 

  1.   Contact the State Bar of California 

All attornies should be registered and licensed with the respective State Bar. For Example, immigration attorney Stockton CA should be registered and licensed with the State Bar of California. You can contact their office to give you details about the credibility of any attorney before engagement. The office will also have records of any professional misconduct, including immigration scams reported in the past. 

  1.   Document Everything 

During your pre-engagement and interview meeting with your prospective attorney, it is important that every transaction, including the payment, is documented. These documents can be used as evidence when seeking redress in case things go awry. 

  1.   Deal with Verified Immigration Attorneys 

Avoid dealing with service providers whom you haven’t verified. Try to get as much information as possible about the person for a background check. The best advice is to seek recommendations. Your family members or friends might have gone through immigration services in the past and could recommend you to someone credible.

  1.   Don’t Cut Corners

One of the easiest ways of making yourself vulnerable to an immigration scam or any other fraud is cutting corners. You may have discovered that you don’t possess all the required documents. A potential immigration scammer will tell you not to worry. He or she will promise to do something about the missing papers but will actually just lead you to a more complicated situation. 

  1.   Follow Your Instinct – Look Out for Red Flags

Your gut feeling or instinct can tell you when things aren’t in place. During your pre-engagement discussion, you may notice inconclusive answers to your questions, hastiness, or desperation to collect your money. You may also see terms or guarantees that seem too good to be true. Remember that if anything appears too remarkable to be true, then it probably isn’t true.

Finally, give things a second thought before making any engagement. It is important to remember that any wrong move could make you lose money and could get you to an even deeper problem.


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