[Statistics Tutorial 2] Measurement in Statistics- Score vs. Value vs. Variable



Statistics is all about quantity. We try to look for patterns that can be MEASURED for predictability. So, how do we go about the process of statistics? What steps does it include? Where is measurement required?

Steps in Statistics

Steps in Statistics

Therefore, measurement is a very crucial step to complete the process.

The frame into which we wish to make everything fit is of our own construction; but we do not construct it at random, we construct it by measurement so to speak; and that is why we fit the facts into it without altering their essential qualities.



To know what measurement in statistics is, we need to know what is measured in the first place.

To start with, what is the difference between SCORE, VALUE & VARIABLE?


VALUE is just a number.

E.g. A bike is valued at Rs. 80,000/-


SCORE is the interpretation around the Value

E.g. If my budget is Rs. 50,000/-

And I will score bikes on the basis of it such that:

Bikes below my budget, I’ll give them a score = 2

Equal to my budget= 3

Above my budget= 1

And the higher the score, the more I’ll prefer that bike.

In the above example, the bike scores 1 and hence I won’t buy that bike!


Therefore, Value is universal for everyone but the interpretation of the score differs from one person to another.


VARIABLE is a property that takes on different values.

Therefore, in the above example, my budget i.e. Rs. 50,000/- is a variable as it can take on different values as budgets of different people might be different.






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