Startup Strategies: 5 Perks of Using Bulk SMS In Marketing Your Business


Becoming a successful entrepreneur does not happen overnight. Aside from having the materials, bookkeeping, and inventories, you also need to be dedicated and have the right marketing strategies to keep your business in competition. 

With various business startups nowadays, many business competitors have risen but not every business can keep up with the demands and trends in the market due to poor brand presence and connectivity to its target consumers. Hence, if you’re running a startup business, affordability and effectiveness are the two most essential features you must find in marketing strategies for selling your products. 

Additionally, marketing does not only stop in the traditional way like local television commercials, billboards, and sending out flyers or brochures. With the rise of various technological advancements, a great way to market this 2022 is through digital marketing strategies by sending out messages to your target consumers or bulk SMS. 

Indulging into the mobile world has been one of the easiest, fastest, and most convenient ways to channel and connect with your target customers. To know more about its perks, continue reading below. 

You Could Reach a High Number of Recipients Directly 

Connecting and communicating with your target customers would be more effortless by sending out mass messages. If your primary concern is to reach as many possible consumers as you want, utilizing a strategy that incorporates bulk SMS and other methods could do wonders for your business. 

Bulk SMS is designed to help entrepreneurs reach a large audience simultaneously and ensure their messages are sent directly to potential customers. Not to mention, it provides less hassle to business owners as sending out messages could be done with just a few clicks rather than manually sending messages to everyone in your mailing or contacts list.

Low Cost and Effective

As a startup, investing in a good marketing plan is a huge plus to keep your business growing. But for some startups that do not have the budget to invest in a more advanced marketing strategy, mass SMS marketing is a powerfully effective, affordable, and simple way to navigate. 

Remember that you will not attract customers when sending out mass messages if you flood them. Thus, ensure that every content of your messages is attractive to capture their attention. Remember to keep it simple and easy to read. 

Helps Build Strong Relationship With Your Audience 

Relationship building is one of the essential things you must consider when growing a business. Your target customers will surely return to your shop or even respond to your messages if you also treat them well. Moreover, having loyal customers is the key to the success of your business. 

So, consider providing good customer service with them. Fortunately, bulk SMS allows you to create a personalized message to your target consumers, which helps establish a great relationship with them. 

Also, Bulk SMS is not only limited to informing your consumers about your promos and discounts, but you could also send out warm birthday messages, occasional greetings, and even gift vouchers. Through this, your customers could feel more connected with your business. 

Makes It Easier To Collect Customer Feedback 

You have to have an in-depth understanding of your customers’ concerns and how you could provide a solution to them. In this sense, sending out your surveys through text messaging is both cost-effective because you would not have to print on paper and easy to do since all your collected data will be kept in your designated responses summary list.

You could even send your messages to your customers even when they are not in your store anymore, so you do not need to rush in asking them for a response since it also allows them to have the time to think about their customer feedback ratings. 

Have An Immediate Impact 

Rather than sending out emails, text messaging is undoubtedly faster in getting your brand out there. Also, people always have their phones in their hands so potential consumers can immediately see your message. 

Typically, emails could take hours or even days before it reaches their recipient. But with text messaging, it could get its intended recipient in just a few seconds to minutes, depending on how long the message content is. Only ensure you have the correct contact details so you will not have to resend your text messages. 


Every successful entrepreneur knows how important marketing strategies are, especially for startups. Thus, do not be afraid of venturing into various risks and promotional strategies like mass messaging, which could be a great stepping stone to boosting your business. 

Additionally, getting a good word out for your brand is one of the most challenging tasks to become successful. But bulk SMS is a great way to get started in marketing, and it could also be used in other aspects, like schools or offices, in sending out information. Refer to the details mentioned above to know more about the benefits of using bulk SMS. 


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