Start Your Small Business in 2020 with These Ideas


Many people want to manage their own business but don’t know how to start. Most of them have a hard time formulating the best business ideas. Becoming a successful manager starts with having a good business idea. To start with, you need to inspire yourself from doing so. You need to articulate an idea that you can grow in the long run.

Starting Your Business: No Money, No Problem

Becoming the owner of a small business does not require you to have lots of money. When you have no money, but you want to build your own business, you need to be more hard-working, doing your present job, and slowly launching your small business.

After that, start to create your plan, assess your target market, think of the possible business problems you may experience, and create your solutions. Then, you can conclude how much money you will need to begin your business. You may consider getting the money from the investors and crowdfunding platforms.

The following are the best business ideas that you may consider to start your small business in 2020.

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Cleaning Service

If you are fond of maintaining the cleanliness of your property, then turn your cleaning skills into a business. To start, you need to hire some workers, transportation, and a number of cleaning supplies. After that, you can now provide your services to commercial properties, apartment complexes, and homeowners.

You can charge them for about 30-40 US Dollars for every working hour. The cleaning service only needs a small overhead. Apart from that, you need to focus on your planning and marketing for the people to notice your cleaning business.

Home Care Service

When you have studied care and hospitality, you can use your knowledge and skills to take care of the seniors. This service has a growing demand around the world. Fortunately, even though you don’t have background knowledge about health and care, you can start your own home care service.

It cannot be denied that lots of adult individuals require an assistant to perform any home work. If you have the experience, you can start your business providing services helping the adults to turn their home into an assisted living property. You may offer services like setting up, transporting, packing, or storing their antique possessions and furniture.

Lawn Care Service

If you love the environment, chances are you are more likely to maintain your lawn well-groomed. For many homeowners, taking care of their yard is time-consuming and hard to perform. But for some, lawn care gives them relaxation, serenity, and peace.

You can turn your love of maintaining the aesthetic value of your lawn into a profitable business. Since there are lots of individuals who don’t have time to do the work, they are hiring a lawn care service to do so.

Starting a lawn care service only requires you with determination, hard work, and some basic cleaning tools, such as a lawnmower. You might also hire some workers if you will be dealing with a large-sized lawn.

To get a successful lawn care business, make sure that you offer your customers a thorough job, making the environment and the owner smile. This is a perfect business you can start if you love enhancing the beauty of the environment.

Real Estate Agent

Many people find the house market management an overwhelming task. With this business, you can share your knowledge and help people to find the property that suits their taste and, at the same time, fits their budget.

To become a real estate agent, some states require you to study and pass the exam. Don’t worry, since you only need to spend a few months to finish your study. But sadly, even though you have the certification, if you don’t have the people skills, this industry is not perfect for you.

Pet Sitting

Most homeowners have a pet, whether cat or dog. Homeowners have jobs that require them to stay away from home for a long time. Thus, they may need someone who will take care of their pets.

If you love pets, especially dogs and cats, then you can create your own pet sitting business. As a pet sitter, your main work is to take care of the pets of your client on their behalf. Taking care of pets requires you to give them enough food, freshwater, and create bonding time with them. 


You can make sure that the business ideas mentioned above can help you to be a successful individual in the future. You can also always consider starting an online business that won’t be as expensive as having an actual store.


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