Sleeping Time by Digital Inspiration – A Review


Sleeping Time, a project by Digital Inspiration, is a new tool that let’s you find the sleeping time of your friends, your favorite celebrities, cricketers, etc – as long as they have a Twitter profile.

Major flaws in Sleeping Time:

1. Note that all tools / apps / software work on the basis of some algorithm
(a set of rules). And this holds true for Sleeping Time as well – which uses Twitter to calculate the sleep times.

If you think about it, the variables in our algorithm here to calculate sleep times are the tweet times that we can get from twitter profiles. So, this brings us to the first flaw in this tool coming from an assumption – We assume that all celebs manage their own twitter account – all the time.

For instance, Sleeping Time calculates Rahul Dravid’s sleeping cycle as 1am – 8am (7 hours) using the twitter account @its_rahuldravid. As a matter of fact, it’s NOT Rahul Dravid. (Proof in image below – mentioned in the profile itself). Essentially, when we see 1 am – 8 pm, this is the sleeping time of some person tweeting on behalf of Rahul Dravid.


2. The algorithm used for this tool is based on the various tweet times of people which does not – in any way – give us their sleeping cycle. The term “likely” is an important term and cannot be ignored. Maybe the algorithm finds the averages of the first tweet times for a sample of days as well as the last tweet times for the sample. This might give us the sleeping time. But again, the pattern might change and is not accurate. There should also be some way to update the times as the sleeping patterns of celebs / friends might change. Again, using the mean times is not a dependable method and can only give sleep patterns that are way less than accurate.

That being said, the idea is interesting and you can visit the website at and make your own opinion.


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