Show your Google+ Profile in Search Results



About the new markup :

Google Authorship shows a link to your Google+ Profile along with your pic on its search results – from your website. But you need to convince it that the content is yours.

What is to be done :

1)All pages on your blog or website must link to your “About Me”/”About The Author” Page. (Create it if you don’t have one)
2)The Author page should link to your Google+ Profile.
3)Your Google+ Profile must link to the author page.

How it is to be done :

1)On your blog, Add a link to your About Page
<a rel=”author” href=”to_about_page”>
Add it to either the header, footer or the sidebar to make sure it’s available for all posts.

2)On this about page, Add a link to your Google+
<a rel=”author” href=”to_about_page”>

3)On your Google+ profile, Add a link to your blog(where you began in the first step). Don’t forget to choose “This page is specifically about me” which is equivalent to rel=”me”.

Summary :


You can verify the implementation by using the Rich Snippets Testing Tool. Don’t forget to use your full URL(including the “http://”) to get the correct results.

Why it works :

The “About Me” page on your blog tells Google it’s your blog and the Google+ link on the “About Me” page tells Google that the Google+ Profile represents the person who is the author of the blog. It all fits in when you tell Google+ that the blog is yours. (by adding a link to your Google+ Profile)



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