50 Science Facts You Probably Didn’t Know


There are a lot of fun facts of science that a normal person don’t know about. By doing a lot of research, our scientists hav found some interesting facts.

The 50 important facts of science that you should know are as follows:



1) In the mouth of a person, there are more bacteria than there are people in the world!

2) If scientists could create an artificial brain with computer chips, then to run it, it would be needed a million times more energy than it takes a real human brain.

3) Each person has a unique tongue print.

4) Electrical activity in the human brain is observed for an additional 37 hours after death, possibly because of a series of chemical reactions.

5) In ancient times, Indian doctors have used live ants to “sew” the wound. The doctor joined edges of the wound and made an ant bite the skin. Then the ant’s head torn off, and his jaw remained on the “seam”.

6) If a person hit by lightning, it can be completely evaporated, and nothing of it will be left.

7) By laws of science, people are taller in the morning than in the evening. During the day, when walking under the weight of the body compresses the spine and during sleep, he again stretched.

8) Your skin is renewed every 27 days. Most people throughout their lives are changing the skin around 1,000 times.

9) There are cases when people spontaneously ignite and died. Often, the whole body is burned. No one really knows why this is happening, this is a mystery for science.

10) When you read a novel in which about 100 000 words (about 300 pages), your eyes are on the way to the pages of one kilometer.

11) Your eyes take about an hour to get used to the darkness, but after that they become 100,000 times more sensitive to light.

12) In the human digestive system contains enough acid to completely dissolve the iron nail.

13) Your body loses 2.5 million red blood cells every second. Fortunately, at the same time, it creates more of them.

14) The hair on the chin are growing faster than any other part of a man’s body. If he had not shaved in a lifetime, the length of his beard would reach 9 meters.

15) If we combine into one chain out of eyelashes that you lose over a lifetime, it would have reached a length of 30 meters.

16) If all the blood vessels of the human body put together, their length will reach 97,000 kilometers.

17) It turns out that laughter reduces allergic reactions. For example, if you have hay fever, try to laugh about it!

18) When you hold a seashell to the ear to hear the “sound of the sea”, in fact you can hear how your blood runs through the blood vessels of the ear.

19) The world record for breath-holding is 7.5 minutes. Most people can not breathe only for one minute.

20) It seems that some dreams last forever, but in fact they are continuing a total of only 2-3 seconds. Most people per night sees at least 7 dreams.

21) If all of your DNA molecule (the carriers of genetic information) stretch in a line, its length of 3000 will exceed the distance from the Earth to the Moon!

22) For every 512,000 births are one birth of triplets.

23) Adult makes 23,000 breaths a day.

24) About 125 grams of food that you eat every day, come in the form of feces. Most of it is the water, the rest is absorbed by your body nutrients.

25) In the 1930s, women have often swallowed the alive tapeworms. They thought that this method will help them lose weight by thinking Tapeworms must have lived in their stomachs and eat food eaten per day.

26) Fingernails grow four times faster than on foot.

27) In one day, your blood travels 19,312 miles!

28) When you kiss the person more likely to be infected than if you were kissing the dog. Although the dog’s mouth has the same bacteria as the mouth of a person, there is less danger of bacteria for us.

29) The skeleton of the body, buried in a neutral-pH soil or sand, can persist for thousands of years.

30) If you look at your tongue in the morning, you will notice a white coating on it. These are the cells died off for the night.

31) You can die from suffocation in just 4 minutes.

32) Skin thickness of 3.5 centimeters hippo – it is almost bulletproof!

33) Some sharks can detect the smell of fish at very low concentrations – one part per 10 billion.

34) Cat urine glows in the dark.

35) Sharks have to swim all the time, so that the water is constantly passed through their gills. If they stop, they will drown.

36) Elephants are always walking on toes, because they do not have the back bone of the foot.

37) Insects annually consume 10 percent of the total stock of food in the world.

38) Cockroach can detect motion of the object which is two thousand times smaller in diameter than a hydrogen atom.

39) Mosquitoes are attracted to people particularly hard, who have recently eaten bananas.

40) If the cockroach will be left without a head, he was still able to live more than a week. In the end, he would die of hunger.

41) There are 35,000 species of spiders, but only 27 of them can kill a man.

42) If a healthy earth worm cut in half in a certain place, it can grow a new head or tail.

43) Japanese scientists have deduced the form of transparent frogs to easily explore their internal organs without killing or breaking them.

44) Trees grow from the top, so if you cut your name on a tree, when you (and wood) are still small, your name will remain on the same level as when you get older.

45) Raindrop falls at a speed of 11 kilometers per hour.

46) Hot water freezes faster than cold.

47) Genetic engineering can combine the genes of various plants and animals. Deep-sea fish genes can be added to the genes of veg to make it frost-resistant! Some people refer to genetically modified products “Frankenstein food.”

48) Avalanches can reach speeds of up to 130 kilometers per hour in 5 seconds.

49) Lotus seeds can ascend after laying in the earth even after about 3000 years long.

50) On Earth, there are about 10 million species of living beings.

The world is very strange , and still there are plenty of facts out there that we don’t know. Try searching them if it interests you more.


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  1. point number 38 is incorrect.The Hydrogen atom is the smallest element found in the nature.100,000 times smaller particle can only be electrons .Do you mean”cockroaches can sense a single electron”?

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