How to say Sorry Filmy Ishtyle


Spats, arguments, fights – all are an integral part of life. Now that you know it’s your fault, why not apologize with a song? Whether it’s a distressed sweetheart or your pissed off as hell wifey, there’s always a song to melt their hearts. Say sorry in typical Filmy Ishtyle using our very own Bollywood songs.

Kabhi Kabhi Aditi


This is hands down the best of the lot. An extremely heart-warming song for all the roothi hui girlfriends. So croon away, coz ‘Baby ko Bass pasand hai’.

“Kabhi kabhi Aditi zindagi me yun hi koi apna lagta hai
Kabhi kabhi Aditi woh bichad jaye toh ek sapna lagta hai
Hey Aditi has de has de has de has de has de tu zara
Nahi toh bas thoda thoda thoda thoda thoda thoda muskura.”

This one’s sure to put a smile on every face. Buy hey, do not forget to replace Aditi with your bae’s name!

Jaanam Samjha Karo


“Jaanam samjha karo… Jaanam samjha karo…
Jaanam samjha karo… Jaanam samjha karo…
<<inserts his/her crime>>
Jaanam samjha karo… Jaanam samjha karo…”

Say sorry in style.. bhai ki style. And yeah, being shirtless/topless helps…immensely! <wink> After all, you need to get into the character right?

I’m very very sorry

Forgotten her birthday, your first date anniversary, her dog’s naming day, you get the drift… We have just the song for you. Say it in style like Sridevi did to Salman Khan in an epic movie titled ‘Chand ka Tukda’.

“I’m very very sorry, tera naam/bday/anniversary bhool gayi
Tujhse tha kuch kam, voh kam bhool gayi
I’m very very sorry..”

Sorry sorry – ABCD

The perfect song for your disgruntled mom. Croon it and watch her heart melt away…


“One, two, three!
Sorry Sorry Sorry
Pakde hum dono kaan kya
Sorry Sorry Sorry!
Bacche ki loge jaan kya
Mehangi hai ek muskaan kya
Sorry Sorry Sorry
Bacche ki loge jaan kya”

Sorry Baba Sorry Mujhko Maaf Kardo – Jungle

What better song than this when you’re late to meet your date!

“Sorry baba sorry mujhko maaf kardo na
Phir na galatee hogee, abb dil saf kardo na
Mai kya karu ho gaya late, mai kuchh kam se jana tha
Raste me traffic jam tha, mushkil bada aana tha
Sorry baba sorry mujhko maaf kardo na
Phir na galatee hogee, abb dil saf kardo na.”

There you go, we’ve brought to you a whole new style of saying sorry to your beloveds!


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