A Review Of Samsung Corby II


Review Of Samsung Corby II



1. Size -109.9 mm x 60.6 mm x 11.7 mm, Battery- 1000 mAh standard capacity

2. Touch Screen interface, TFT display with 3.14″ display size , 3 hard buttons on the front corresponding to Recieve a call, Menu and End a call. There is voice control sleek button on the side body on the left side and there is screen lock/ switch off button on the right side body. Slot for SD memory card on the right side body. There are 3 soft buttons at the end of the screen named Keypad, Contacts and Message for immediate access.

3. Camera – 2mp

4. Bluetooth 3.0, WiFi, GPRS enabled

5. Facebook, Youtube, Mail, Twitter, Messenger are already inbuilt for your convenience

6. FM Radio

7. 2 Games are available on the phone called EDGE and Parachute Mini though you can always download more games from Samsung apps.

8. Can hold and open files with .pdf, .docx, .ppt and other MS office formats but can’t create those format files here. All this possible because of the ‘pixel file viewer’ in this phone.

9. Memory extensible upto 8 GB

10. Pull down menu showing Wifi, Bluetooth and Silent options for immediate access. Below that it also shows the applications running eg, music bar if a song is being played.


1.The camera quality is fairly satisfactory. There are lots of  photo editing  features like Crop, Resize, Rotate and other multiple features of getting the pic in different forms like sepia, potrait, emboss etc. The phone is enabled with Smile-shot feature too.

2. Features like voice recorder and video recorder, camera quality is satisfactory

3. Widgets like Calender, Network Info, Birthday, Samsung Apps, Google, Buddies now(chat), Dual clock(displaying 2 timezones), Orkut, Feeds update, Wallpaper and Help is there.

4. Screen is quite wide same as Galaxy Young, thus good for reading ebooks.

5. There is a feature called ‘Conversation view’ under Messaging category to read exclusively a chat with a person.

6. The task Manager can be opened by pressing the Menu button long and there you can close all the applications which you want to and let the others continue.

7. Alarm, Dictionary, Calculator, Task, memo, Stopwatch are additional features.

8. Slot to connect with speakers and woofers.

9. provision for capturing screen just like print screen option in desktops and laptops.


1.The biggest technical flaw of the phone is that it automatically gets on HOLD while a call is on.

2. There is no flash feature so photography at night can turn out ghastly figures scaring you.

3. Not a smartphone so misses out lot of exciting applications and games, though from the looks anybody can mistaken for it to be an Android phone.

4. The touch screen sometimes hangs until it can fully recovers from its trauma state when multiple operations are prompted at the same time.

5.Data cable is not part of the package

6. can’t open video formats except 3gp which is quite a limitation


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