Nokia Lumia 610: To Buy or Not to Buy


With new technological advancements in the cellular communication, various companies are emerging for the consumer to choose from. There was a time when the call rate was 10 Rs. Per minute and Samose were 1 Rs and now the cost of these commodities is inter-changed.

Whenever we tend to think about buying a cell-phone, what is the first thing that comes in our mind?

Reliability is the keyword here. A person would never buy a cell phone which will have its running period 1-2 years. That is why the first name if we are thinking about this is Nokia, which is one of the major players in mobile manufacturing.

Nokia lumia 610In this post, I am going to review one of its phones of Lumia series that are stealing many hearts of youngsters- Nokia Lumia 610.

The Reasons Why One Should Buy Nokia Lumia 610:

1. Touch-screen and Start up menu-

If you are planning to buy a phone with superb Touch-screen quality, then this phone provides it all. With new updates, the stylish tile start up screen can be customized in different sizes and colours. Easily manageable icons provide quicker navigation too. So be ready to play with colours.

2. Camera-

Some days back, my best friend literally said to that she had fallen in love with its camera. 5 megapixels, features like smart shot, panorama timer and action shot makes it more desirable. Other features can be included by using easily available Apps on Marketplace.

3. Looks and affordablility-

Honestly I bought this phone because it looked elegant and soothing to your eyes. With sleek black body and in the price range fitting your pocket (11k that time). It was one of the best phones to choose from.

4. Memory-

If comparison is done with Lumia 510, obviously the more memory the merrier. But there is a backdrop to it, it can’t be expanded.

5. Battery life-

This is one of the strongest feature that makes it worth buying. Charge it full and forget about it for whole day.

6. Brand name-

Apparently just the name of Nokia says it all.

Just like a coin have two sides, in the same way there are some negative points too that you should know before buying this phone.

The Reasons Why One Should Not Buy Nokia Lumia 610:

1. Bluetooth-

At first this basic thing was not supported but after the update, it can be done by an App named- Bluetooth transfer. But mind it, this can be little tiresome procedure and sometimes it may not even work.

2. No expandable memory-

As I have mentioned in the positive points too, if you are thinking to have phone with vast memory requirements. This phone is not the answer.

3. Sharing through Zune-

You will hear several people crying because of this. The previous version of Nokia doesn’t have this Zune as the interface for file transfer but this phone had lowered its point by using this. It is not that user friendly. No documents can be transferred using this. Moreover many video files won’t be supported in your phone.

4. Internet-

The inner built default browser is IE (internet explorer) and the search engine is Bing (which can be a letdown for many Google lovers).

5. Skydrive-

The best way possible to exchange files is using Skydrive only and for that you will need Internet. There are time when data packet network is not available or very slow, that could lead you with nothing in your hand for transferring purposes. And by chance you chose the setting of – allow no cookies in IE, then no word document will ever get downloaded in your phone.

6. Limited Games and free apps-

If we compare it with android market, the windows Apps market is very compact. Only limited Apps and Games are available to you for free download.

So if you are thinking about buying a phone, clearly it depends on individual purposes but do take some time and exploration. I would recommend if you have your heart set out for Nokia then think about Lumia 620 or 520 which is now in the same range and with better specifications.


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