How do we remove Fox News from basic cable?


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Factually speaking, Fox News is the most popular channel in the last few years based on the viewership. Even for its gross incomes, it makes more money than CNBC and MCNBC, thanks to its loyal customers. For those who don’t know Fox News is available as a premium channel and not included on the channel lineup. It is so because it is one of the pay-per-watch one-demand channels. Channels like these allow cable companies and channel producers to make a hefty amount of money effortlessly. 

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Adding the high subscription fee into this amount takes their income to the next level. The network enjoys the loyalty of its audience, who stand with it every time. On the other hand, there were around 90 million customers who supported cable and satellite TV. They decided not to speak for Fox News.

So, why people want to remove Fox News from basic cable? What is bothering them and is this expensive? Let’s find out in the further read! 

Is Fox news even famous? 

The last couple of year stats shows that Fox News was the most-watched news network on Cable TV. That makes sense as to why Cable TV service providers like Mediacom aren’t thinking of eliminating Fox News from their network list. The first reason is because of the FCC’s statutes. Apart from it, there are many reasons why Fox News is still on the list.

Does Fox News have any competitors? 

Famous Pay-TV providers which include names like AT&T and Comcast run their own news channels. They do understand that they have to compete against the Fox News network which is apparently the top-ranked in the news section. Dropping it would drop the competition as the views would only watch the news channels of these Pay-TV providers. However, Fox News would argue as a response that it is violating the rule. You can’t prefer your network while completely ignoring the competitor to win the race!

How does Fox news make money? 

Cable and Satellite TV charge the subscription fee for Fox News from their customers. It is because of the demand, possibly, that customers have to pay an additional fee if they want to watch Fox News. Yes, all the Cable TV and Satellite networks charge a subscription fee, but Fox News puts a big burden on the customers. The monthly subscription fee per month is around $2, making it over $20 a year. Compared to Fox News, other premium channels don’t charge the same or more subscription fee.

How much income Fox TV generates? 

CNN and MSNBC are among the most-watched TV networks. But you’ll be surprised to know that Fox News makes two and three times more money than these two respectively. Stats show that the average yearly income Fox News generates is $1.8 billion. Note that companies collect this fee through hidden charges!

Does Fox TV have a contract with cable companies?  

Fox News and TV providers had signed the contracts, which are now ending in 2021. The network providers had been generating around 65% revenue from the subscription fee paid under these contracts. It is the best time to raise your voice against the Fox News Tax requirement. 

Why do people pay for Fox News? 

People pay for Fox news because it provides them informational content that is full of value in one place. Most of us, before lockdowns and even after that love to stay updated. Some of us who don’t have time, manage to watch news channels for a bit to update them about the national and international occurrences. These are the people who pay for Fox news.

Final Word

If you want to remove Fox news, you should get in touch with your cable company’s customer support department and they will help you remove it. Furthermore, they will guide you about the alternatives and the exact amount you will be saving after removing it.


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