Be a Registered Yoga Teacher – Why getting certified is worth it.


Becoming a registered yoga teacher

RYT – Registered Yoga Teacher is a distinction offered to yoga teachers who have undergone training and teaching as per the regulations laid by the Yoga Alliance. It is a USA based non-profit organization established for yoga teachers. A Registered Yoga Teacher must finish training with RYS – Registered Yoga School and confirmed by the authorities of RYS.

Who is Eligible to become a Registered Yoga Teacher?

Eligibility to become a registered yoga teacher

Following is the eligibility criteria of becoming an RYT:

  • The candidate needs to complete training at a 200-hour level or RYT 500-hour level from a Registered Yoga School.
  •   Deposit the applicable fees for YTTC
  •   Review the Registered Yoga School training

How long does it take to become a Registered Yoga Teacher?

The average time to finish a 500 hours coursework might take a period of six months to one year. Whereas, a period of three to six months is required to complete a 200 hours coursework! However, the final time duration depends upon your commitment level and how fast you can finish your training. 

What are the Types of Registered Yoga Teacher Training Programs?

There are three major types of Teacher Training Programs:

  1. 200-hours Teacher Training Program – This can be considered as the foundation course for the candidates. They will learn the basics of anatomy, yoga concepts, techniques, and poses. They will also learn the ethics and primary objectives of the yoga business. 
  2. 300-hours Teacher Training Program – Once the candidates have completed 200 hours Teacher Training Program, they can enhance their skills by enrolling themselves for 300 hours Teacher Training Program. This is an advanced level of understanding of yoga techniques. This program teaches the candidates how to pass valuable information about yoga to the students. 
  3. 500-hours Teacher Training Program – Candidates who have completed the above two levels of training programs can further go for 500-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. This makes them eligible to register themselves with the Yoga Alliance. 

What are the benefits given to a Registered Yoga Teacher?

If you are a Registered Yoga Teacher, you become eligible for all the below-mentioned benefits:

  • International Recognition – A RYT will be awarded which is an internationally recognized credential certifying their completion of yoga training and meeting all the required standards.
  •   RYT Directory – RYT Directory is a listing managed by the Yoga Alliance association. It contains the list of all the Registered Yoga Teachers and their current whereabouts. You, too, can list your credentials and your existing profile on this directory. This is a perfect model of marketing your talent, qualifications, and skills as a yoga teacher. 
  •   Online Workshops – A Registered Yoga Teacher is granted free access to all the live and recorded workshops conducted by the Yoga Community. You can learn a lot from the leaders about marketing, ethics, and much more.
  •   Invitations – A Registered Yoga Teacher is eligible to receive invitations to all the community events and meetings held by the Yoga Alliance in your city or area. 
  •   Discounts and Offers – Being a Registered Yoga Teacher, you are entitled to get discounts and offers on the products and services form Yoga Alliance and its partners. Everything ranging from liability insurance to yoga accessories to different software is available in these stores.
  •   Insightful Publication – You can get free access to all Yoga Research Index, monthly newsletter, informative videos, and articles. 

Other Benefits of Being a Registered Yoga Teacher

Here are some other benefits of being a Registered Yoga Teacher.

  •   The biggest advantage of going for the best 500-hour yoga teacher training is that you can further improve your knowledge through continuous practice. You can anytime explore new styles and poses. You can share this with your students. 
  •   You can expect a faster recovery phase and higher physical and mental endurance. Being a professional in yoga offers increased energy, muscle toning, enhanced agility, and better metabolism. Yoga also provides some mental benefits like better body awareness, stress relief, better confidence, and so on. 

What makes a Good Yoga Teacher?

Qualities of a good registered yoga teacher

  • A good RYT is the one who can help in creating positive energy in the person
  • The teacher should be able to design personalized programs as per the requirement of its students. 
  • A strong physique, love for yoga, and agility are the major qualities of a good registered yoga teacher.

One needs to undergo intensive 500-hour yoga teacher training sessions to become a certified Registered Yoga Teacher. This is a respectable professional and can open unlimited growth avenues for the deserving candidates. If you are inclined to teach yoga practices, enroll yourself for the relevant course, and become a registered member of Yoga Alliance.


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