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1. About

Mini MBA Program is a 100 days program which is completely free of cost. It can be accessed by anyone having an internet connection. The program is provided by which offers a number of management courses to students as well as working professionals. It is basically a short term certificate course via online mode.

2. Registration

The site is best visible in Google Chrome. Students can register the course here

3. Eligibility Criteria

Anyone who is interested in management studies can enroll for this course. It is though best for working professionals, management students, graduates and managers.

4. Topics Covered

There are 5 major subjects included in the course that are further divided into various chapters. These subjects are: Accounting, Managing HR in 21st Century, Principles of Marketing, Business Strategy and Business Communication.

5. Here’s a video tutorial on one of the topics:

6. Study Process

Students need to study the video tutorials and appear in QWERLS after every topic. Every learning activity is recorded by the system and can be observed in “My Analytics” tab present at the top. Students can also participate in live classes which are scheduled in stipulated time and date.


3 bonus stars are awarded for participating in the live sessions. One can ask questions and discuss about the topics in “Share & Collaborate” tab. All the learning progress is available on the dashboard.

6. Benefits

1. Free of cost program

2. An exposure to MBA studies

3. Access to quality content video tutorials by experts and experienced professionals

4. Can be accessed from computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet

5. Participations in Chats and Discussions

6. Interaction with other students via chat option

7. Live classes by industry experts and academicians

8. Self assessment tests after every chapter

9. Letter of Completion certificate awarded by Mybskool

10. Upload resume and apply for jobs at the website

7. Criteria for Certificate

To obtain the letter of completion (LoC), students need to fulfil following requirements:

1. 45 stars: Students receive 1 star after completing one learning hour.

2. 45% in QWERLS: QWERLS stands for Questions Which Enhances and Reinforces Learning’s. These are short quizzes on the website after every topic. These are multiple choice questions and can be attempted for maximum two times. And a minimum of 40% marks are required in each of the subjects. Scores are awarded to the students after completion of the topic.

8. Certificate

After completion of the course, students can receive letter of completion (LoC) certificate. Students can access the course even after completing it for an extra period of 10 weeks.


Students can also opt for paid certification program which is termed as Executive Certificate in Business Management for working professionals and Certificate in Business Management for students. The fee for this certification is Rs 4999/-.


The certificate is awarded by Madras Management Association (MMA). To obtain this paid certificate program, students need to appear in an online exam conducted by MMA. Also, students need to score a minimum of 45% marks in each subject.

9. Contact Details

Students can contact the counsellors at below numbers:
Ph: 87545 99122, 87545 99124


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