Some Of The Rare Facts About Parkinson’s Disease That You Might Like To Know



Nervous problems are one of the most common health ailments among aged patients. They are perceived quite serious irrespective of the state as based on it functions eighty percent of the bodily mechanisms. According to health experts, out of several types of diseases, nervous problems are the most unpredictable ones that can lead to any level of consequence at any point in time. This article shall help discuss some of the lesser-known facts about Parkinson’s ailment. This is one of the most prominent nervous ailments that a substantial percentage of patients experience at a certain age. 

Cervical ache can also be a sign of Parkinson’s

Cervical pain is one of the earliest signs of Parkinson’s ailment. It is focused on a specific area which generally surrounds the upper back, back of the neck, joining of the neck and the head.  Many tend to ignore cervical ache at an initial stage and in most cases, it is a regular pain or signs of spondylitis. However, in some cases, Parkinson’s is a significant cause of budding cervical ache which can later lead to blood supply issues, vascular disorders and many more. 

Patients who are middle-aged are experienced by Parkinson’s 

The median age of somebody diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease is generally fifty-six. However, about just four percent of individuals can be diagnosed with the same before the age of fifty. In rare cases, the minimum percentage of people are diagnosed with this disease just at 6 or after the age of forty. 

 It is basically a movement problem

It is basically a neurodegenerative disease when cells are generally responsible for generating dopamine that fades off in a specific area of the brain which is known as the substantia nigra. Dopamine is vital for the movement of body parts as it acts as a transmitter that takes an active part in sending signals to the body from the brain. 

Depression and Parkinson’s are interrelated

This has come into prominence quite later in the process. But a few years back researches and medical professionals revealed that Parkinson’s is interlinked with depression. More than half a percentage of patients suffering from the same disease are suffering from depression. They also suffer from other mental health diseases which include anxiety, mood swings and many more. This fact is still quite unknown among many.

The process of treatment is extensive and expensive

This disease is surely prominent among aged individuals in today’s time but the time and cost of its treatment are quite a challenge for many. A therapeutic surgery is required almost every year which costs a hefty amount. Treating individuals with Parkinson’s disease can cost about $25 billion a year in the U.S.  However, with the rolling of years and an increase in the occurrences of diseases, there are advanced medical facilities being introduced by medical authorities. The aim is to make such expensive treatments affordable for regular crowds. 

However, as a nervous disorder, the disease can get worse with the rolling of time. It is extremely important to treat it right. But there is no permanent cure for it. There are medical remedies that can help patients get rid of the symptoms; however, the idea is only applicable during the initial stage.


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