PVR Cinemas – Windows 8 App Review


PVR Cinemas app - review

PVR Cinemas in one of the elite film theaters currently in India. It has variety of seats accustomed for various levels of audience. This has both online and direct booking; also it is linked with third-party vendors like ngpay for show bookings. This now has a PC app for Windows 8 which is currently listed for free at Microsoft Store.

This app can be used to book currently running shows; upcoming and even Pre-book is possible. This app stands a good start for other Cinemas to create similar app for booking which will enable easy booking for the people. This enables a set of features within the app, and the best part is the user interface. This app has a way too good clear interface.

PVR Cinemas app - review

This app can be used for checking the show times running in your vicinity. Also it has a wonderful option of booking your tickets even if you don’t have a credit card or online payment facility. Easily you can book it in your account and collect your tickets at the box office later by just making payment over there.

You want to simply checkout the movie synopsis or want to watch your favorite movie trailers, just get into the app, it has all of it. It also is managed by a user account which you can use for booking, collecting tickets, tracking you history of booking and much more.

PVR Cinemas app - review

This is a good app for movie buffs, taking them to an easy step with a wonderful single screen interface. App has got a lot of advantages plus it also have location feature to display the cinema screening near to you, thus a complete movie app.


App rating: 6.2/10


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