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Look at the hands…

…and you shall see destiny, money, love, fate, luck and every related terminology of the human beings, yet you don’t know how. Usually and universally, one wonder how palmistry can endorse about the future. And after ‘wondering’ that, he/she recalls the almighty. “God, you must be kidding me!!!”. Prediction is an inevitable outcome; also, reality is not what we see from the eyes. Hope is dangerous; but the time when you start believing in it, the rhapsodies connect your soul with the rhymes.


…the science/art of reading lines from hand, is quite unfamiliar in the modern word. The reason is unknown, yet superstitions like lines telling us about our past life or husband/wife is leading astray in the modern world thus lacking the interest between public. It dates back to old mythologies of Arabian, Western and Indian. It is said that one who masters in Palmistry can predict every possible aspects of one’s life (except one’s own). Out of those vivid cultures of reading hands, all are considered to be true.

Small fingers, big fingers…

…Stout hands, psychic hands, fire hand, water hand, all are directly related to the personality traits in one or the other way. Right hand is responsible for your fate, luck, future, déjà vu, life-span, humor, will and logic; Left hand tells you about your extreme point of perfection, behavior, etc. There might not be any hard and fast rule of reading those lines, but it has proved usually beneficial by time and experience in predicting the personality traits. If you wish, you might look at your hands again, and you may wonder some hundred times before asking that same old question to God.

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Palmistry facts that will blow your mind:

  1. Your thumb’s middle line is made up of the same fibre that is in the middle of our brains. It runs throughout spinal cord too.
  2. Larger thumb, greater the success: Napoleon had a very large thumb.
  3. Most celebrated legends in the field of art, music, sports and actors are left handed.
  4. Ask your friends to open their hands. The way they open their hand gives the first impression of their nature. If they open with no gap between the fingers, person is usually stout, insecure and narrow minded. If they open their hand with much flexibility, the person is open minded and have broadr thoughts.
  5. Some people do not have lines at all. Adolf Hitler was one of them. Someone said that he does not have much success to achieve in his life, so he took a blade and made few lines on his own.
  6. Age doesn’t matter as far as changing of lines are concerned. If you have a accidental shock or a brain hemorrhage, the lines will change accordingly in course of time.
  7. During birth, the closed palm depicts the nature of the child. If he/she closes his palm with the thumb inside, they are probably going to have a longer lifespan than usual. If one closes his palm without the thumb, person is going to be sensitive to emotions and a true to heart.
  8. Abraham Kovoor could tell a person’s time and place of birth and even the time of death by looking at the hands.

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