PS4 Decals: A Gamer’s Secret Weapon


There’s a lot of talk about customizing your gaming. From small things like your user interface and gamertag to serious decisions regarding your character alignment and side quests, you have the ability to craft your time behind the controller into a personalized experience. It helps you stand out from the other 30 million PS4 owners in the world. Why then would you turn a blind eye to the console itself? Sony’s black box is the start and end of every one of your online adventures, so it too deserves some customizing TLC.


Admittedly, on the surface, it seems like modifying your character is a lot easier than switching up the look of your PlayStation. Though it may be true right now for you to say it, it simply isn’t the case. There are tons of manufacturers, like the designers at dbrand, who have built a business out of transforming the console as radically as you can your mission. These manufacturers, requiring no permanent paints or sticky adhesives, can upgrade Sony’s black box into something entirely unique.

When you search out customization options from the designers at dbrand, you’re offered an opportunity to enhance your console through the power of vinyl. But not just any vinyl. A particular 3M vinyl is processed in such a way so it can take your favorite colors and textures. You may not think a simple change of color is enough to transform your system, but, when you check out the options at, you’ll find that its effect is immediate. Bright true colors can be mixed with impressive textures, each piece of the flexible vinyl taking on a different look until you’ve arrived at a personalized design scheme. You can even make it so your DualShock matches.

These accessories are like outfitting your PlayStation in a whole new skin – which is why they’re known around the web as PS4 skins. You may know them better as wraps or decals, but they serve the same purpose regardless of title. As long as they’re made out of attractive 3M vinyl, they have the power change up the status-quo. They’re also helpful additions that do more than stylize your console. Once attached, your PS4 skin will create an airtight seal around your system, keeping dirt, dust, grease, and grime from clogging up important fans, hubs, and buttons. 3M vinyl is also surprisingly durable for its size. Though it will only add a negligible 0.23 millimeters to the oversize of your PS4, it can stand up against sharp objects and rough handling.

Embarrassing though it may be, we’ve all handled our controllers a little less than careful in the heat of an intense battle. Crushing it during a particularly forceful button mash is the least of your worries when you throw it against the wall in a rage quit. Until cooler heads prevail, it’s a good idea to search out the best 3M vinyl skins PS4 users actually want wrapped up around their console. Their addition can be a perfect way to complete your customized gaming experience. Just pick the color and texture for your most personalized designs yet.


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