Proxy Setting Support in Google Chrome


Proxy Setting filters the websites that your web browser request to the Proxy server and fetches the web pages and their elements. According to the server policy it will decide whether to pass the information back to you or not. They are commonly used in businesses and at public wireless hot spots like at Airport to control what websites one can look at, and thus prevent from accessing the internet without logging in.

In our Laptop’s or PC’s we do have a Proxy setting box but it is not required as we all have our own network. But sometimes when we go online and open some malicious websites or allow some other websites to access our computer, they set these settings in their favor and cause us a lot of difficulty.

Let us look how to tackle this problem in Google Chrome.

When the Proxy setting is incorrect, the websites will be shown as not available.



To check the Proxy Setting, follow the steps as given below.

Choose ‘Settings’ in the drop down menu in Google Chrome.



Click on ‘Show advanced settings’ in the settings.



Click on ‘Change proxy setting’ in the ‘Network’ section.



‘Internet Properties’ dialog box appear and choose ‘LAN settings’ as shown below.



In LAN settings if you see the ‘Proxy server’ is selected that means your Proxy Settings have been changed and those need to be restored.



In ‘Proxy server’, unselect the box and then clock on ‘Ok’.



Again click on ‘Ok’ in the ‘Internet Properties’ dialog box.



Check the connection again and you will find that your Chrome is working perfectly fine.





Thus this way the Proxy Settings can be managed in the Google Chrome.



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