Pros of Working with a Startup



‘Why do you want to join a Startup?’ Is the first question you’re asked in a startup interview. You’re confused. You have to choose between an entry level MNC job where you work with a big team, and handle a part of the project or a startup where you take on a whole new world and juggle multiple-multiple responsibilities each day.

So here’s why you should work for a startup based on my experience!

Working for a startup can be extremely fun and rewarding. The startup culture is refreshingly different from a MNC culture and even the roles and responsibilities are very challenging when compared to a MNC. Here are a few pros of working for a startup.

No one’s a Boss, everyone is a Leader!



In a startup no one’s really a boss, even when they are! The opportunity to become a leader is open for everyone. It’s always YOUR choice. You just have to reach out to grab it! Every employee makes his own contribution and is equally responsible for the growth of the organization.

Learning, Learning, and MORE Learning


No doubt, learning possibilities are endless in a startup and you will experience both personal and professional growth. You get to learn many new things along the way. This is why startup employees gain more knowledge, FASTER than their MNC counterparts. . You learn about business INSIDE OUT –  the risks THE processes,; You explore all aspects – sales, customer service, development, design, and marketing and, lots more. And if you get a chance to work with your founders – which you mostly will in a startup –  they will be the best mentors, teachers and, guides.

You have to PLAY with risk and it’s definitely a fun game


Working in a startup can be really challenging as well as fun. But as every employee is  proactive, innovative, creative and, enthusiastic they make even the most challenging tasks look easy and simple.

And yes, the office seems more like a cool College Campus


Unlike MNC’s, they have really cool office infrastructure. And they are undoubtedly employee friendly. Startups are all about young and enthusiastic people who love to work in cool working environment and flexible timings.

Valued Contributions and Opinion


One of the best things about working in a startup is you actually get to make a potential difference. As you get a chance to work with the founders closely, your opinion and contribution is actually valued and appreciated.

You have greater responsibilities with more freedom


Everyone in a startup is loaded with lots of responsibilities and everyone has the freedom to make their own decisions towards the growth and prosperity of the organization.

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