Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing


All on the Cloud.

In the recent days, Cloud computing has been the recent trend in mobile computing with a large number of users opting for such services. (If you don’t know what I am talking about, check our article on cloud computing here.) Cloud computing offers various advantages, be it for the user or for business establishments of any size.


Cost effective

Cloud computing decreases paper work, cuts down the transaction costs and also minimizes the investment on hardware and the resources used to manage it. Because of this, any small business organization or an individual can afford this.


In cloud computing you need to only pay for the services you use. If your needs increase, you can definitely avail services to suit your needs. Performance Basically in Cloud Computing, the hardware is managed by the service provider. Thus, it becomes the provider’s duty to provide the cutting edge technology which works better and faster. And this is one of the main criteria for users to choose a service provider.

Device diversity

Today the cloud services can be accessed from various devices. It’s not necessary to access the files from a PC, you can access it from your phone or iPad for the fact. Many cloud service providers have also developed apps for smart phones and tablets making it much adaptive for the consumers. So an individual can access the cloud services at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Data Backup and Restoration

Cloud computing backs your data up so that in case your PC crashes, you have immediate accessibility to all the important files on the cloud. Though many people don’t usually think about it, but this is actually a plus point in case you need to secure those important documents on your PC.

  Quick Deployment

Cloud computing services can be set up for use in no time. Thus you can get your services on and going within a couple of minutes. This proves to be of great advantage when you decide to try out the cloud computing services.


As the saying goes, nothing is perfect in the world, cloud computing has its own disadvantages. Some of which are listed below.

Technical Issues and Up-time

Though the cloud computing service gives you an advantage of accessing your files anytime, anywhere, the systems of the service providers are still subjected to outrages and technical issues. Thus sometimes the cloud services are down. This is what happens with Skydrive, a cloud storage service by Microsoft.

Security and Privacy

When you are opting for a cloud service, it actually means you are storing the confidential data of an individual or a company on a third party service provider and thus subjecting it to risks. Privacy is another major risk, as we don’t know how much of your information is being monitored by the government organizations.


This is the most common issue in the cloud computing services. As many people get connected to the same server, people experience slow speed and this in turn proves to be cumbersome especially while dealing with large files or special applications.

Hence, before you opt for a cloud service, it’s a good thing to first go through the various plans offered by the numerous service providers, get to know the issues with the service provider and then choose whichever plan suits best for you.


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