Programming: Top 5 Awesome Websites to Learn How to Code


Let us first understand what programming is? Programming is an all-inclusive process of development and execution of certain commands to enable the computer to carry out the tasks. These provided to it by the user. These tasks must be successfully completed without any error. There are more than a thousand  programming languages in the world. The most common are C,C++,C#, Ruby, Java,Python, JavaScript, VHDL, FORTRAN, Cobal, Visual Basic and the long list continues. In this list, you will find some websites from where you can easily learn the basics of some of these languages, their programming and coding.

1. Hackety Hack!

Hackety Hack as the name suggests is a very interactive and interesting website.It teaches enthusiastic individuals The Ruby Programming Language. Hence, helping them in creating their own software. Ruby is generally used for all kinds of programs which includes desktop applications as well as websites. Wonder if you can make your own website like Durofy one day. The only thing you have to do is to create an account for free and start interacting with other people on Hackety Hack. These users upload their own projects and programs.One can easily create graphical interfaces by using the Shoes toolkit in the website. Many Fun-Filled Interactive Examples and programs are already provided so as to make programming a  fun activity for you. There is a small blog for the beginners to guide them. There is a Questions section where you can post Queries, A Lesson Section where you can learn

  1. An Introduction to Shoes
  2. An Introduction to Programming
  3. A Tour of Hackety Hack
  4. An Introduction to Ruby 

There is a Program Section where programs and projects by Hackety Hack users are uploaded and acclaimed. Moreover there is FAQ section for all your unanswered questions here.

Programming – Home


 2. LearnStreet

LearnStreet is a Multi-Programming Teaching application website. It teaches

  1. JavaScript
  2. Python
  3. Ruby

All Programming are from the beginner level, free of cost. The JavaScript is used to make social networking websites and applications like Facebook, Myspace, Mail services. If you want to develop websites or applications, JavaScript is the need of hour. Python is the most beginner friendly programming language and used mainly in research purposes and website start-ups. Ruby as I told you before is generally used for all kinds of programs which includes desktop applications as well as websites. There is no need of special software in your desktop. one can easily find, access and learn various projects of JavaScript,Python and Ruby. Projects like Sodoku, Snakes and Ladders and Mastermind and many others are uploaded by Learnstreet in an extensive library. Moreover, if you are pretty good in programming you can teach students around the world for free.Moreover you can view individual student progress report. The only thing between you and Learnstreet is a just a petty Sign up agreement. What are you waiting for? Learn or Teach!

Click Here to Visit Learnstreet. – Home

3. Codecademy.

Codecademy is also another renown online tutorial website where you can “learn to code”, which is also their tagline coincidentally.  If you are looking forward to learn any language you can go for


  • JavaScript which help you in building websites and interactive games.
  • JQuery, which uses JavaScript for Website development and for Animation, events and Document object model manipulation. 
  • PHP, a popular server side language for web development.
  • Python, Learn basics of this language for web application development.
  • Ruby – generally used for all kinds of programs which includes desktop applications as well as websites
  • HTML and CSS- If you are new to coding and dream of a website of your own.

If you are looking forward for some practice of your skills then you can explore the projects shared by Codecademy. You can use your HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery knowledge to develop many personalized and interactive web applications.If you want to build your own apps or websites which can connect with your phone and facebook/twitter account you can try your skill with the APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) . If you are professional, you can also teach coding to students across the world with simple course builders provided by codecademy. Just create your profile and tell  the whole world about the progress you’ve made with the points and badges you earned.

Click Here To Visit Codecademy.

4. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-for-profit organization with a modus operandi of spreading world class free education to anyone anywhere. All the resources provided by Khan Academy are free of cost. One can learn not only basics of programming but also go for Mathematics, science topics like Biology,Chemistry and physics and even in the field of commerce and Humanities with Finance and History through its 4800, Yes 4800 Interactive Videos! After creating an account with Facebook/Google you can apply for various programs and earn batches and points. Some batches would take years to earn which you can brag about to your friends, Making a progress and completing incoming challenges as your crusade for coding and programming goes on. Khan Academy keeps a fair track on your progress, goals and analytics.

At the Computer Science Section, Click below link to open. You can learn programming from the scratch with help theoretical as well as practical tutorials, Starting from What is Programming? After going through the course you can create your own program and take reference of hundreds of programs featured by Khan Academy. You can browse for all the documentation needed for your programming and coding at computer science section. You can be a guide with a light for many people who post questions and queries at the community part of computer science. If you are good enough you can even apply for internships at Khan Academy. Moreover, you can coach a group of students from different parts of the world with your videos and lessons.

Click Here to Visit Khan Academy


5. CodeHS

CodeHS is an online tutorial platform which introduces you to basics of programming, coding and computer science. Here you have to watch short videos that teach the concepts of computer science with the help of examples. Students then complete programming challenges and their challenges are viewed and acclaimed by the tutors who would help you time to time whenever you are stuck in a jeopardy. Anyone one is interested to learn to code can sign up for CodeHS for free and start learning today. You Learn programming with the help of Karel the Dog  who responds to your commands. CodeHS has a formidable library collection of various modules which you can take up one by one. These Modules include, Programming with Karel, JavaScript and graphics, Game Design, Basic Data Structures, HTML/CSS and many more. Each Module just needs 10-15 hours of dedication. What makes CodeHS different from other online tutorial portals is their help and extensive feedback to its basic members, additional modules are paid though! Only the 1st module is free of cost.

There are 3 Membership Plans

Free: Access to only one module. $0

Basic: Access to all site materials and modules. $25/month

Premium:  Access to all site materials and modules + Feedback and grading by tutors. $75/month

According to their experts, After you complete their 1st four modules you will be knowledgeable enough to make you own game, you will be an expert in basic JavaScript and can take on any high level programming language.

Click Here to Visit CodeHS – Home

This was a complete list and description of Top 5 Websites which provide Online Tutorials on programming languages, coding and computer science. Just find out your forte, join a website, earn points and batches and be a master of coding and programming within few months of dedication! When you become a master, try teaching your skills to students all over the world with the help of your Alma Mater(The one who taught you basics of programming).

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