Printing Problems in the Workplace


Printing complications in the workplace is a cause of inefficiency. It is common knowledge at this point that this kind of inability challenges performance, costs involved, and productivity of a firm.

It can be that the employee forgot the password for the printer closest to them, leading them to access a printer significantly farther away. There can also be bugs and glitches in the system, causing a headache for the IT professionals. Thus, it requires them to spend more time fixing the problem, incurring more expense for the company.

Productivity in the office can also be halted by printers running out of ink and paper. It can be because employees have gotten busy and forgotten to check the current state of their devices. Such problems cause inefficiency, but it can be solved through Print Server Software. Not just by any server, but by RPM.

What is RPM?

Remote Print Manager (RPM) is a Print Server Software that improves workplace productivity as well as reduces corporate expenses. RPM has a friendly user interface that can easily be utilized by employees which reduces confusion, which in turn promotes workplace productivity.

Employees would no longer need to memorize different passwords for different printers for employee information. It is a weight removed from IT professionals which can make them focus more on other corporate tasks.

Unlike other print servers, RPM not only connects devices and centralizes information, but it can also gather data and generate insights beneficial to the corporation. It can notify when printers need more ink or paper. It can also monitor the rate of usage of ink and paper to determine when to reorder supplies keeping the workplace at peak productivity.

The risks of shortage or surplus would be greatly minimized due to this data gathering method, creating reduced expenses for the company. RPM can also perform menial tasks whether it is digital or paper-based. It makes employees focus their time and energy on achieving company goals.

Different types of files can be sorted and converted by this print server software, and this software also allows watermarks to be placed on the document. RPM is focused on promoting efficiency and reducing expenses for your company. Learn more about how RPM can be implemented in your company by reading further.

Now, You Do Not Have to Worry About Opportunity Costs

With more than 20 years of service, RPM users have experienced a boost in workplace productivity due to work streamlining that this software has provided. Some of the instances of its benefits range from helping employees print and copy required documents to reducing expenses in the company.

By keeping track of printing usage, followed by insight generation, RPM can surely boost your employee work performance.

Compatibility with other devices and networks would not be an issue. RPM is supported by Windows, Line Printer Daemon, telephone & network protocols. It means that RPM can act as a port to connect different devices, even in the most complex network setups. Improvement of workplace productivity is a few clicks away once RPM is in your office.


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