Prevent Accidental Clicks & Your Own Impressions on Adsense



Why you need to do this?

– Google knows everything – but, using an algorithm. If you click on your own ads – weather deliberately or accidentally¬† – It’s going to get you banned. If you just clicked on your won ads, let Google know about it. To prevent this in the future, use one of the following methods. It is highly recommended that you use these even if you’re sure you won’t click on your own ads – because you’re constantly generating invalid page impressions on your Adsense.

Method #1

– Disable JavaScript on your browser

Mozilla Firefox > Options > Content > Disable Javascript.

Internet Explorer > Internet Options > Security > Custom Level > Look for Active Scripting > Disable

Google Chrome > Options > Under The Hood > Content Settings > Look for JavaScript > Disable

Drawback – Everything on the site which uses JavaScript will be disabled.

Solution – Use Method 2.

Method #2 (Preferred)

– Use a ad blocking plugin/add-on for your browser.

These have a large number of options and can be customized the way you want.

Mozilla Firefox – Adblock Plus

Internet Explorer – Simple Adblock

Google Chrome – Adblock Plus

When you set up new ads, or want to view ads on your site for some reason, just disable the plug-in temporarily and enable it back again.

Drawback – Some of the images and content on the Adsense site ( may also be disables. You may even notice the Adsense logo missing.

Solution – Turn off the plugin while browsing or just use another browser to set up ads.



  1. Yeah, you can do that with the add-on as well. In fact, you can change the settings to turn it off only for your site. So, you don’t need to do that all the time!

  2. I like the first method beacuse i can turn off javascript only when i visit my site and then turn it back on.. moreover, i don’t have any scripts on the page so i guess it works for me.

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