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We won’t even ask you if you like porn, that’s like asking if you like chocolate. If there a lady out there who makes a face about porn that’s simply because most pornalicious material just doesn’t cut it for her.

As compared to our testosterone – laden counterparts we are very picky about what turns us on and what doesn’t.  Admit it; watching cold, hard intercourse without any frills may just not be our cup of tea. We ladies like to keep it tasteful. We love being wooed, being smitten and being seduced. We get turned on by some well-shot foreplay. Let us then wash out all those boring male-oriented porn sites from our browsing history, and bookmark these excellent female friendly porn sites.

Literotica is truly a huge collection of not just porn clips, but also audio, stories, images and much more. It contains tonnes of material to ride with any of your fantasies. Just type your deepest desired into the search box and find exactly what you are looking for. Some of the material is free, whereas some of it is paid. Come on now, all good things come at a price.

This site takes on a completely different avatar of erotica. It is a series of short videos directed by Clayton Cubitt. Now imagine yourself sitting on a chair and reading a passage from your favourite book. Now imagine an invisible person under the table pleasuring your vagina with a vibrator. Feel the stimulation getting stronger and stronger until you just can’t read straight anymore. Soon the words from the pages are drowned by the screams of your orgasms!

Turned on by doing it on the mud? Or on a bar table, surrounded by people? Do you have any fantasy and are unable to find porn based on that? Xconfessions is the place to go. The director Erika Lust makes 2 different videos each month based on fantasies submitted by her readers. This is however, a paid subscription website.

If you ever though that porn can’t be made aesthetically, it’s time to rethink. Ifeelmyself is an exclusive platform that offers material on real women having orgasms. It is unlike any other fabricated videos you might have seen. It is totally natural, very tasteful and yeah, promises to turn you on! You can also partake in the discussion forums for each video for a more inclusive experience.

This site content is designed explicitly o turn on women viewers. Whether you like to watch it soft or hard, heterosexual or lesbian; you will find it all here. They also have stories, articles and blogs for a more complete experience. charges you by the minute to stream content.

So there you go! No need to scour the internet for porn. All you need to do is visit any of these sites that are designed keeping the XX chromosome in mind.


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