How to Plan your New Home? (Building Design Ideas)


Nowadays, finding a new home that precisely matches your dream is not easy. You should not worry because it is possible to design your home. For this purpose, you will need time and inspirational ideas. A planning stage will help you to determine if your custom-build design fits your dreams.

For your assistance, you can consult the best Melbourne building designers. They will help you to create a custom plan for your house. Here are some tips to get started with your new home.

Keep Everything Simple

For a custom home plan, you will not need any software tool. You can simply sketch your ideas on paper. Remember, brainstorming is necessary to list the different features you need in each room. With the help of a rough sketch, you can explain your ideas to a design team.

Consider Future

If you are planning children in the future, you will need extra rooms. Moreover, you may need more space to accommodate your close family members or guests. Sometimes, you want to run a business from your home. Your home design must include a flexible or office space.

Generally, amenities in your home plan will help you to set your lifestyle. You can include important features for the convenience of your future self.

Highlight Everything

You may find different custom home plans from the market. If you want to use a custom plan, it is essential to consider size, typography, and other features. Feel free to increase natural elements in your living room. Moreover, if you have a stream or brook near your property, you can put bedrooms near it to enjoy the soothing sound of water. 

Prioritize Features of Your Home

After recording your ideas in a rough form, you have to prioritize characteristics for your house. Custom designs may exceed your budget if you do not want to compromise over your fancies. Make sure to mention all luxuries that you need in your home and prioritize important elements. For instance, you can h a window box in the kitchen if you always dream of growing herbs.

Flow and Function Plays a Critical Role

When deciding the location of different rooms, you have to consider the flow of your final design. It is important to imagine how your family will work in every space. For example, bedrooms can be away from the living room to decrease noise. Moreover, a kitchen can be your focal point if you want to gather around the kitchen with your family.

Play with Lights

Light can influence your daily routine; therefore, it is essential to focus on lights. You have to pay attention to different areas where natural light is limited. During the winter months, these areas may look dark and increase the chances of SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Remember, SAD can be the reason for depression, daytime sleepiness, lethargy, social withdrawal, and weight gain.

With the custom home design, you can increase natural light in different areas of your home. Moreover, it will be easy for you to install electric lights in your home for sufficient lighting. In custom plans, you have to carefully think about lights, such as task light on countertops of the kitchen for food preparation is necessary.

Remember, all this planning and preparation will help you design a durable and functional house within your budget.


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