Pinterest Analytics for Websites and Blogs


In the previous post, we discusses about the new Pinterest look for website, blog, or business owners. This look is in the testing stage and allows access to Pinterest Analytics. Pinterest Analytics is an extremely useful tool for bloggers to see how their pins are doing on Pinterest.

Things to do before you read further:

1. If you’re still not using Pinterest for your site or blog, start now.

2. If you have a wordpress blog, allow readers to pin photos from your WordPress blog on Pinterest

Once you’re all set and have some pins on Pinterest – you would like to check their performance. Pinterest Analytics lets you see how many people pinned your photos / saw your pins / repinned your pins / visited your blog via the pins.

To get Pinterest Analytics, follow these steps:

Step 1 – Switch to the new look on Pinterest – Here’s How

pinterest new look

Step 2 – Once you have activated the new Pinterest look, Go to your Pinterest menu – the top-right drop down and you will see a link for Pinterest “Analytics”:

pinterest analytics

That’s it! You can now see detailed analytics for your website or blog. This page will show the most recent / most pinned / most clicked pins from your site. There is also an option to export the analytics reports.


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