How To Pick The Best Tow Dolly


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Most RV owners always think of taking their cars along during their road trip adventures. It is their way to avoid having to break camp every time they want to visit a nearby tourist spot or if they need to look for a store to replenish their supplies. It is also more practical to use a smaller car instead of the RV for minor errands. Because of this, most RV owners use two methods to pull their cars behind their RV. The first one is to tow it directly, while the other one is by using an RV tow dolly. 

Usually, the flat towing method is more comfortable since it does not need any extra parts to bring to the campsite. But it cannot guarantee the safe transportation of all types of cars. To make sure that the smaller vehicle will arrive safely to your destination along with the RV, then the use of tow dolly could be your best bet. 

If you are planning to invest in a tow dolly for your upcoming road trips, here are several pointers to remember when choosing the best one for your RV. 

Whats is Tow Dolly?

An RV tow dolly is a small, 2-wheel trailer that is specifically designed to tow automobiles. Basically, it carries the front wheels of your car while the back wheels remain on the road.

Major Types Of RV Tow Dollies

There are different types of tow dollies to consider when buying one for the RV. The first one is the Mounted-Front Wheels RV Tow Dolly, which comes with wheels attached just like the ones located at the front wheel of the car. Some people choose this because it lessens the incidents of the vehicle accidentally hitting the trailer when it passes by tight corners. Meanwhile, the Center Pivot RV Dolly comes with a pivot at the center, which lets your car track around the corner of the roads. 

Types Of Dolly Breaks

Another critical thing to consider when planning to buy a kind of tow dolly is its braking capabilities. Most states in the US require any type of tow dolly, depending on the weight or stopping distance. Some of the dollies available in the market feature electric brakes, which are common in the travel trailer. Meanwhile, other variants of tow dollies come with surge brakes, which get activated every time the van gets a signal that you intend to stop.  

Kinds Of Dolly Lights

You also need to consider the lighting of your tow dolly before you opt to purchase one. Almost every state in the US also requires this feature installed at the bumper of the unit. Most of the time, RV owners have to use functioning brakes installed on the vehicle that also needs towing. You can achieve this by installing a series of wiring that will let you manage your car’s factory lights. Also, buying a detachable light system or even a light bar that you can connect at the rear portion of the vehicle is a good idea.


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