Open Source 3D Development With Blender


Blender is one of the best open source 3D development software out there. Open source means no limitations! Booyay! That’s right guys you’ll get access to the source code. All this for free is something unbelievable. It took a lot of people lots of time to develop this beauty of a beast. At the first mention of the word Blender to the physical world translates to something that goes Krrrrrrrrrrr, and shreds those stuff to pieces. But in the digital world Blender translates to a software capable of creating masterpieces. And I mean it. Blender has some key advantages over 3Ds Max, the 3D development software of hardcore developers.

  • It’s open-source, giving you complete access to the source code. You can take that to your advantage. In the hands of a pro It would be like giving a laptop with internet to a hacker.
  • Blender is not limited to making those models and animating them. Blender is also known for another component in it. It’s BGE (Blender Game Engine). Everyone has dreamed of creating games. Well this baby can do that. It could be thought of as an All-in-one development kit. Though it ain’t powerful as the UDK or CryEngine. It gets the job done quite nice.
Blender Download 1

Downloading Blender

It’s time to get to business people. First of all, by all means you need to get your hands on that technology. So head over to the Blender website and download that baby. You can see from the highlighted part of that picture, about what you need to do. As you can see, at the time of writing 2.67 is the latest version. In the previous version the hair rendering tech was introduced. It does a jolly good job. If you want to learn more about Blender you gotta either wait for my tutorials or head out to some of the great niche websites specializing in Blender. For a preview of what Blender looks like, check out this picture.

Blender Screen

Blender Workspace

Great Websites For Learning About Blender

These are some of the best sites around in the internet.

  • Blender Nation:- This websites gives you info about all the new tutorials about Blender. Sort of like a news site for Blender related stuff.
  • Blender Cookie:- According to me, this is one of the best site for learning about Blender. There is nice playlist of beginner videos. They are really great. Better of the tutorials need Citizen access which will put you to about 10$/per  month. There is also discount for quarter and yearly subscriptions.
  • Blender Guru:- This is somewhat a one-man army site. The guy who runs it is Andrew Price. Oh god I love him. Great tutorials he is making. All that for free.
  • Blender Manual:- This is the holy grail of Blender. You can learn almost every aspect of Blender.

Great Books For Learning About Blender

  • Blender Art Magazine:- This is a bi-monthly, free magazine about Blender.
  • Mastering Blender 2nd Edition:- This is a nice book on Blender by Tony Mullen. Though they say this ain’t a beginner book, I think It works quite nicely for beginners.
Something by Me

Something which I stopped halfway during development. It’s something like an army base. There is a futuristic touch.



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