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Just like the good old days! Josh Goldberg just sprinkled little hay on the sunshine for us by making Nintendo’s 1985 Super Mario a complete fullscreen HTML5 version. This can be played offline but you have to connect to the website for once. All the physics, characters, levels, sounds and timings have been retained.  The good old trick of hibernating your computer while playing offline apps where you do not have to reopen the tabs with internet gives us charm when the game is Super Mario.

super mario fullscreen

Map Selection

You might consider video game a big flop when you wanted to play the boss level very moment you press restart button. Alas! that was not possible those days, but the Super Mario by Josh Goldberg is extraordinary. You can save the princess without struggling from the start. Map Select is available on the bottom right of the screen where you can enter world 8 or 6 of your choice.

mario map selection

Level Editor

Apart from those 1-1,1-2,1-3, 1-4,2-1…8-4 levels, you can create your own level. This feature is amazingly hot and trendy with freaks who are bored with the original Nintendo levels. If you want to make a challenge in your friend’s birthday, create the hardest possible map ever !!

mario level editor

Map Generator

Click on Map Select > Map Generator. You shall find infinite number of level that are the product of extremely beautiful coding. As you play this endless game, you will find that the level generation code is the best code designed ever consider all the physical terminologies of the game.

Mario map generator

mario map generator

The game is open source. You can download the source code here. Enjoy playing :)


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