Nutritional Guidelines for Children: Help Them Eat Healthily


During school age, you can teach children to eat healthy meals. They can explore more about food and its impact on their activities and bodies. It is a crucial moment for them because they have a busy and slightly independent life. Your kids are free to choose their meals in school because of their pocket money.

Having a well-balanced diet is essential for the growth and health of children. Along with teaching about healthy eating habits, children must be given a good nutritional start to their day by making sure they have a balanced breakfast, lunch, and snacks. With increasing rates of childhood obesity and dietary deficiency, parents need to make sure that their kids have the proper nutrition to live a healthy life.

At this age, children will learn quickly and get the influence of their friends. Moreover, it can be difficult for you to save them from famous trends. Without your assistance, they will not understand the importance of a well-balanced diet.

How to control their eating habits at school?

How to control the eating habits of children at school? Right now I usually take my children to school. As soon as they come out of school, one or more of their friends call them and give them sweets. They come home saying that they ate happily in the school. I am a very health-conscious person and don’t want to allow my children to eat junk food. But now what is the way out? Healthy meals are important to keep them active and strong. If they are engaged and busy, snacking becomes an essential part of their life. It will improve their energy levels. A healthy snack during recess and after school is important. They are free to choose their snacks at school.

Fortunately, you can access their canteen through different programs, such as My School Connect. The basic purpose of these programs is to offer an online ordering system to parents. Indeed, parents can play an important role in choosing healthy snacks for their children.

Encourage Breakfast

After a good night’s sleep, a healthy breakfast is essential for children. It will help your kid to concentrate actively at school. Moreover, he will not feel hungry in school. Try to become a role model for your child by offering a healthy breakfast. In this way, you can help them to perform well at school.

Start your day with fruits or a bowl of cereal with milk. It will be an excellent start for your entire family. Remember, children will follow you to have breakfast and lunch on time. Yet, you have to work hard to develop healthy eating habits among your child.

While parents are busy at work, kids find themselves bored. And no one is there to order them around and do things for them. In the morning, they are in charge of forming their breakfast menu out of what is available. Hence, the problem – kids don’t eat breakfast at home.  The reason behind this is that children think that preparing a healthy breakfast is time-consuming. Most children think they can eat anything when getting up in the morning, like cereal or cold toast. With these ideas to back them up, children don’t see the point in spending 30-40 minutes preparing their own meals when they can just make something quick for themselves instead. Source: Don’t Let Your Child go Hungry.

Lunches in School

Fortunately, several schools follow the guidelines of the government to encourage a healthy diet. You have to teach your child to choose food high in nutrients. A school canteen offers different food choices. Moreover, you can pack their lunch from home.

In lunch, you can offer sandwiches with lean meat, salad, and hummus to your child. Kids also like crackers with spread, cheese slices, and dried fruits. To save them from hot weather, you can offer frozen water bottles and tetra pack milk.

It does not mean to keep your child away from junk food. You can kill their temptation by offering a small portion of salty, fatty, sugary, and processed food occasionally. Make sure to limit the consumption of chips, muesli bars, sweet biscuits, pressed chicken, ham, salami, soft drinks, cordials, etc.

To fulfill their desire to have junk food, you can prepare burgers and pizzas at home. In this way, you can make healthy alternatives, such as replace all-purpose flour with whole wheat flour. Use steam or baked meat instead of fried items.

Snacks After School

During family mealtimes, you can talk about daily events and activities. It will be a great time to share important nutrition facts, such as milk for bones, fruits, and vegetables for strong muscles.

Healthy snack suggestions are fruit and cereal, a soup bowl, and a sandwich with milk. Instead of banning pizza and burgers, you can make these items at home. Moreover, allow them to have these things at parties occasionally.


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