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With an increasing craziness over football, there are tons of football apps sprouting in the play store now a days. Every game is designed for users to feel insight graphics, acquire accurate ball physics and interesting gameplay. For all the football fans, New Star Soccer is the one the best football app because of its tremendous longevity, extreme achievements, superb ball control and impeccable ease of use. No doubt it has been downloaded over 3 million times on mobile devices. Here is the interview with Simon Read, the founder of New Star Games

new star soccer

1. Let us start with your background :)

Simon: Programming was always just a hobby and I made the first 3 versions of New Star Soccer on the PC in my spare time. The launch of NSS3 though allowed me to become a full time indie in 2006.


2. Why is New Star Soccer a paid app in Play Store whereas it is non-paid for PC download and Chrome App, and it was free in your website a while ago? How do you deal piracy with New Star Tennis?

Simon: The game is a paid app on the Play Store since I wasn’t able to implement the in-app-purchases on Android at the time. This will be changing with the new version which will also be free on Android. I no longer worry about piracy. Since my apps will be free with micro-transactions from now on I think there is less incentive for people to hack or pirate games.



3. You already have answered this in your website, but giving names to professional players would be loved by people. Are you planning for some licensing?

Simon: No I’m not planning to use licensed player names. I have used a player database in the past and it is extremely time consuming and difficult to maintain. For such a small company I would rather focus on making fun football games than a full simulation.



4. The NS Control boots in New Star Soccer. Why have you introduced this feature? There must be more alternatives that we are going to see in near future…?

Simon: Yes, there are now “swerve” boots which allow you to bend your shots after you have kicked the ball. There may be new types of boots in the future.


New Star Soccer


5. What about a multiplayer feature in New Star Soccer game? What are you planning in your next update?

Simon: I am not planning any multiplayer features at this time but it’s something I keep thinking about. It may happen one day.


6. What is your favorite product and why. Are you satisfied with its worldwide acceptance?

Simon: If you mean, which is my favourite game out of those that I have made myself then I have to say New Star Soccer on mobile device. This was the breakout hit for me and has changed my life. It is hugely successful in the UK but it could do better worldwide. That is something we are working on with this update which has better language support.


7. How are you planning to compete with your competitors like Perfect Kick and Fluid Soccer?

Simon: I don’t really believe that NSS is in competition with other football games. If someone plays one football game it doesn’t mean that they won’t play another. To be honest though, not many games have the depth and longevity that New Star Soccer does, so I do expect people to play my game over a  longer period of time.


8. What are your future plans?

Simon: I want to continue to update New Star Soccer with new features, but I am also thinking about a full sequel. I’d like to tackle some different sports as well.

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