Naughtiest cats in the world


It’s a well-known fact that cats are considered to be more irritable and moody than a ton of other creatures. And they love to throw their tantrums and make us act on their whims. Felines are humorous and these cats mentioned below will tickle your tail bone. Here are a few cats that hold of the top rungs of the naughtiest cats ladder.

When your cat has a habit of binge eating


This cat takes the top spot in being a grumpy one who knows how to get its way through food. Can’t help adoring this fluffy creature that loves food just as much as we do.

When your cat has nothing to eat but, well, boxes


This cat looks like an extremely delicate, cherishing animal that woos you much for attention. And its antics for attention are chewing all your boxes. No wonder her name is Pixie Dust because that’s what a box gets reduced to.

When your cat loves human experiments


You really don’t want these cats to be your pets, do you? But you can’t help giggle to the fact that they are insanely funny. Just looking at their cute fur filled faces will make you smile.

Cats love lizards, especially when they are dead!


This cute cat knows that lizards are meant to be dead and they are to be brought in the house. Even if there could be some serious consequences.

When your cat loves the toilet to torture mouse


This cat loves to clean its dirty deeds at the toilet and how! We dare you stay angry when he makes this ‘puppy dog’ face. (yeah we said ‘puppy dog’)

Cat’s way to welcoming disliked guests


When your cat has got serious relationship issues with strangers or your boyfriends for that matter. You call it arrogance, he calls it tradition.

When your cat is a lazy bum and you can’t help it


This cat is pleasant, active, peaceful and adaptable. But there is one problem, it has got work issues and can’t make its way into the litter box.

When your cat is on its tri-monthly PMS


Can’t help smiling at the innocent confession of this naughty cat that made the poor dog subject of its moody tantrums. You definitely don’t want this cat if you want peaceful co-existence between your pets.

When your cat pees to express its dislike


This cute, fluffy, adorable cat doesn’t like the toast and has a novel way of letting the people in the house know about it. Die toaster die!

When you can’t take your pet for granted


This cat is steadfast and requests consistent consideration else won’t let you work. You can’t be sure of this moody feline as it is prone to, well, mood swings like biting its owner.

Whether you need a feline that is smooth and tricky, intense and wonderful, standoffish and clever, or a thoroughbred or a vagrant feline; there’s a feline for everybody. But you need to deliberate on whether you want any of these naughty cats. On a lighter note you ought to possess a feline once to deal with the complexities and delights of these wonderful, lovable pets.



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