10 Naani ke Nuske that Work Even Today


Boom! Down you fell and howled with a scraped knee. And out came running your granny with a bowl of turmeric paste. Nostalgic, anyone? Putting haldi on wounds is one of the oldest nani-dadi tricks to ensure faster healing. Going to the doctor for every small and large ill is seriously over-rated. Let’s embrace the pearls of wisdom that our grannies were pros at.

Nuska no 1: Rub Ghee or Coconut Oil on Skin


Forget all the chemical packed rubbish that you slather your skin with. Ghee or coconut oil are the best moisturizers for your skin. Not only are they all natural, but are also readily available in our homes. Use this stellar nushka daily and save your precious cash to burn elsewhere!

Nuska no 2: Haldi Doodh – Ek Teer, Kai Nishaane


You caught a cold – drink up the haldi doodh. You underwent surgery – it’s time for haldi doodh. You got a bad throat – yep, it’s haldi doodh again! Seriously, it’s a pill for every ill. Turmeric is known to improve immunity and help your body heal faster. Drinking it up with milk ensures faster recovery and lesser sick days.

Nuska no 3: Rub Iron on Bee Stings


How often has a loved one endured a nasty bee sting on a camping trip? Given a scenario where a doctor may not be instantly available, rubbing a piece of iron on the stung skin works wonders. It prevents the toxins from spreading and keeps the inflammation in check.

Nuska no 4: Adrak Wali Chai


Another super weapon in granny’s kitty! Be it a headache or a cold – a cup of steaming ginger tea works wonders.

Nuska no 5: Heal Cracked Lips with Warm Ghee


The goodness of ghee is enough to send all the lip balms packing away. Ghee is a natural emollient. Applying a dab of warm ghee on your lips morning and night is sufficient to guarantee soft, supple lips.

Nuska no 6: Condition Your Hair with Multani Mitti


Multani mitti or Fuller’s earth is packed with a whole lot of goodness. Use it as a conditioner post your shampoo session; and be amazed with your soft, supple mane. Not only that, you can also use fuller’s earth as a skin lightening face pack.

Nuska no 7: Early to Bed, Early to Rise


Our grannies were always up with the first ray of sunlight and used to start winding down after sunset. Going to bed early helps you get enough sleep and ensures recovery of your tired body. Every skin care / hair care / health care regime is incomplete without sufficient and quality sleep.

Nuska no 8: Jaggery to Combat Acidity


Remember the Eno fruit salt advertisement, “Ek aur ladoo?” Well, granny has a better trick up her sleeve to relieve acidity. A small piece of jaggery when sucked after every meal will ensure your insides don’t burn with every indulgence.

Nuska no 9: The Quintessential Khichdi Meal


Be it diarrhoea, vomiting or surgery, your digestion goes for a toss! This is exactly when the plain – jane khichdi becomes the star meal. It’s easy for your body to assimilate and is devoid of any strong spices. Khichdi is the perfect wholesome meal to aid recovery without taxing your stomach.

Nuska no 10: Raw Milk as a Cleanser


Raw cold milk contains enzymes that function as an effective skin cleanser. Just dip a cotton ball in chilled raw milk and dab over your face to discover clean, supple skin.

So here we are with the top 10 naani ke nuske. Try 1 or try them all! Grannies were true superwomen. It’s time we rekindle their pearls of wisdom.


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