5 Must-Read Mystery Novels


So you loved serials like Castle, Sherlock, Luther or CID? Maybe you loved reading some spin chilling thrillers that you just can’t put down like novel series of Sherlock Holmes or Agatha Christie?

A creaking sound of door, a drop of blood on the floor, an unexplained murder plot. the low murmuring voice coming from the attic, no trace of finger print or weapon and every suspect has an alibi. Just then a tiny speck of hint can solve a big suspense.

If ever given a chance every reader at least once in his lifetime would try to fill one room full of books. Whether it should be called as a personal library or a sanctuary, it all depends on the person. Some readers prefer fiction and some nonfiction. Those who are inclined towards more of a fictional approach would like to read novels which give them a sense of excitement. Whether you are reading about saving a damsel in distress or solving a political plot, whatever increases your heartbeat is good to go.

For all those, here is a question:

Do you Want some dosage of suspense and thrill?

For every book enthusiast who waits for some excitement to knock on their doors, read these novels which will tickle your mood and fill it with sense of exhilaration.

1. And Agatha ChristieThen There Were None by Agatha Christie

Eight people, one island and everyone murdered.

In this one sentence the whole thing is summed up. Eight people are invited to a strange island. There are total of ten people and then One by one they get killed. Who is the murderer? Is he/she is hiding somewhere on that island? Or that person is amongst them only. Most loved mystery novels of all the time, I must say.

2. Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier

Ever thought of a paranormal twist to a story?


If yes, then this novel ought to be in your personal collection.  A bride comes to her husband’s home. And slowly she is compelled to think- maybe he never stopped loving his first wife. there is something else he is hiding- a deeper secret. The truth unfolds itself and then it gets really interesting.

The above picture was home of the author and inspiration for Manderley- The home de winters.

3. The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco:

the name of rose

Labyrinth in the name of rose

It is a novel with a plot that starts with one suicide and later on many deaths. The hero of the series “William”(who happens to be a monk) ends up with new clues but sadly dead-ends. This novel is a must read.

Dan brown

4. Digital fortress by Dan Brown:

I was literally so captivated by this specific novel that it made me read it non stop.

One of the most renowned mystery novel writers- Dan Brown delivered this master piece which made us visit the secrets lying within an organization. Susan is asked to investigate when a machine encounters an unbreakable code. After each chapter she uncovers various hidden information and at first she is trying to save her life then she had to fight for the man she loves. With his impeccable way of writing and the unimaginable end- this novel delivers a mark to every reader’s mind.

This picture is of Dan Brown- the author of the novel.

5. The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield:

A biographer is approached by a novelist, who happened to be ill. She reads her novel, which should have 13 stories but there are only 12. Where is the 13th? What’s the story behind it? It’s an intriguing plot told in a very enthralling way.

A true reader can never get tired of reading and if seriously you love when a murder plot is unveiled or a perfect crime is executed then these novels(and many more) are must reads. Don’t just stick to the conventional thrillers, try something new, explore new areas where writings of other authors will blow your mind.

Do tell us if given a chance which mystery novels would you pick up to add in your personal collection,?


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