Top 5 Movies on the Life of an Entrepreneur


Victor Kiam once said “An entrepreneur assumes the risk and is dedicated and committed to the success of whatever he or she undertakes”. Everyone today wants to stand out from the rest. Nobody likes to work under someone or work for someone. As a result, many young people have started with their own business today. Wait a minute! Do you think it’s that easy for an entrepreneur to just start-up with a thing of his own? Well, every entrepreneur faces some challenges on his path to success. Here is a list of 5 movies on the life of entrepreneurs which I guess shall give you an idea what an entrepreneur might need to go through.


1) The Social Network


A still from the movie The Social Network.

A still from the movie The Social Network.

Starring Jesse Eisenberg, this movie is based on the life of Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO and Co-founder of Facebook. The time being 2003, this movie shows how the Harvard Under-grad builds the largest social media site known to the world, how Mark had to face legal disputes from the Winklevoss twins and Mark’s former college friend Eduardo Saverin. In all, it’s a great movie to watch and to learn from.




A still form the documentary:

A still form the documentary:

This is actually a documentary movie produced back in 2001. The casting is done by the actual people whom the story is about. The movie is about how two friends, Herman and Kaleil Isaza Tuzman meet in their college days and later plan to come out with a business of their own. And Voila! was started. This was a site for the people to connect to their local government easily. (Let me spill the beans) This movies ends in a tragedy. The internet firm they start shut down. They let go of all their employees and much more. It’s a must watch for all those young enterprising people out there as it’s said “It’s not always about success”.


3) Pirates of Silicon Valley


The Cover of the Movie Pirates of Silicon Valley.

The Cover of the movie Pirates of Silicon Valley.

Wait a minute! The people on the cover resemble Bill and Steve. Yeah folks you are right. Starring Noah Wyle as Steve Jobs and Anthony Hall as Bill Gates, this movie takes you through the story of the techno-titans during their college days and how both of them changed the world in their own way. There’s a lot to learn from this movie mainly because it covers the time when Bill and Steve founded the two biggest companies the world has ever known.


4) The Pursuit of Happyness


A still from the movie Pursuit of Happyness.

A still from the movie Pursuit of Happyness.

Revolving around the story of Chris Gardner (a sales-man turned stockbroker), this movie takes you through the difficult times when Chris was homeless. Starring Will Smith as Chris Gardner, the story starts of with Chris investing his lifetime savings in a portable bone density scanner and then how later he goes broke and homeless. Then comes the interesting part of how he became an intern stockbroker and how he earned his full time position at the same company. This movies certainly portraits the difficult times in one’s life but what matters is how is fight it back.


5) Coco Before Chanel


The Cover of the movie Coco Before Chanel.

The Cover of the movie Coco Before Chanel.

This movie is based on the life of the famous French fashion designer Coco Chanel. The girl leaves the orphanage where her father abandoned her and starts to work in provincial bar. She turns out to be great performer and a singer. Later she realizes her gift for design and eventually starts out as a fashion designer. Love, tragedy and passion, this is what the movie is about.

These were our top choices for the movies based on the life of an entrepreneur. We hope you like them as much as we did.



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