10 Most Popular Instagram Cats


The go-to thing to cheer you up when you’re feeling down and tired from the daily charade – Cat Pictures! Fashion bloggers, models, celebrities aren’t the only ones bossing everyone’s Instagram feed, these cats have a super following that will put even an A-list celebrity to shame. Here are the 10 most popular Instagram cats you should follow today!

Grumpy Cat (Instagram: realgrumpycat)

The original Instagram and social media cat king, the Michael Jackson of cats, the one who came before the rest, Grumpy Cat rose to super stardom due to its grumpy looks, which is because of feline dwarfism and an underbite. Tardar Sauce, Grumpy Cat’s real name, has 1.5 million followers on Instagram, merchandise like toys, books and apparel, an app, and has also appeared in a film!


Toco (Instagram: Makicocomo)

A cute kittie makes most of us go “D’aww”, but a cat with his cute little human sibling sleeping beside it sets all sorts of relationship goals! Toco and his little human have grown together from teeny-weeny things and they share a friendship like no other.


Nala (Instagram: nala_cat)

Nala, the tiny and oh-so-cute looking cat was adopted when she was 5 months old from a shelter. Her Instagram is full of images of her doing mundane, daily things with her adorable tiny feet and her beady eyes! Nala also own a merchandise line which donates some of the profit to charity. Cute cat with a noble heart, eh!


Princess Monster Truck (Instagram: princessmonstertruck)

Who says you’ve to look pretty to be famous?! Princess Monster Truck, with her unique look and gorgeous yellow eyes, has made her super famous so much so that she’s on t-shirts and bags!


SnoopyBabe (Instagram: snoopybabe)

If you don’t fall for this cute little feline, you’ll have to get your eyesight checked,  you hear me? Snoopy is from China, she likes to play dress up to make you smile – incessantly, like a crazy person. Just look at her!!  


Pudge (Instagram: Pudge the Cat)

Pudge looks like a grumpy and cranky little kitty, but she’s anything but that. She likes doughtnuts and prefers lazing about (like most adults!). Oh, and she has a moustache that would put any man’s to shame!!


Winston Smushface (Instagram: Sir Winston Smushface)

He’s everybody on a Monday morning, dreading the prospect of going to work to face another week of agony and torture, but he’s only a cat! Winston Smushface won the internet over in 2015 with his ‘so over this’ face. The Persian cat also likes to sit up straight like his humans do!


Roku The Cat (Instagram: rokuthecat)

Like most cats, Roku lives the cat life – lazing, sleeping, staring at his humans, and more sleeping. When not doing any of the usual things that cats do, Roku is seen chilling with his cat wife, Hachi (yes, he has a missus) and their four little furball kittens.


Lil Bub (Instagram: iamlilbub)

Lil Bub was born with osteopetrosis and bone disorders, but she’s battled it all to become a cat superstar! She has played a part in a documentary, has her own web series, and has been raising awareness on animal issues with her human parent, Mike Bridavsky. Her 1+ million followers of Instagram get to see her posing for photos, fooling around and gleefully sticking her tongue out all the time!


Hamilton The Hipster Cat (Instagram: hamilton_the_hipster_cat)

It’s the sign of the times, isn’t it – everyone wants to be a hipster, so why not cats? Hamilton, another rescue cat, has an amazing and adorable white moustache which has made him an internet sensation!



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