10 most expensive cat breeds in the world


Are you a cat person or a dog person? – A very commonly heard question. Well if you are a cat person, we’re sure you’ll be lusting after these 10 most exquisite and therefore, expensive cat breeds in the world.



Be prepared to spend close to $100, 00 to own this beauty! Ashera is a hybrid version of the Asian leopard cat. This is an extremely rare breed and an exclusive pet to own.



Unlike other cats, the loyalty of Savannahs is comparable to dogs. Savannah is also a hybrid breed of servals. Being exceptionally intelligent, these cats come with a heavy price tag of up to $50,000.



Yup, we’re not kidding! This is actually what the cat is named. The Peterbald isn’t a natural breed but has been created by an experimental hybrid between a Donskoy and a short hair cat. Its large pointy ears are its distinctive feature. The Peterbald is a social animal – it thrives in the midst of other cats, children or people to play with. At 5000$ however, he is one expensive friend to maintain!

British shorthair


This beauty can burn a hole of up to 1500$ in your pocket. However, it’s very popular amongst cat lovers due to its domestic nature and its striking baby lion look. The British shorthair is a classic show cat.



The sphynx looks amazingly different compared to other cats, due to its hairless nature. The eyebrows and whiskers may be absent too. The sphynx is one sensitive cat, so you better be prepared to shower plenty of tender, loving care on this beauty.

Russian Blue


The Russian blue is one super-intelligent tomcat. Well known for his friendly nature too, he is one of the best cat buddies to have. As opposed to the sphynx, the Russian blue cat sports plenty of hair. To own him, be prepared to spend close to $3000 or lesser.

Scottish fold


Another gorgeous tomcat! The Scottish fold can melt your heart with his soft, baby like looks. Due to their super adorable nature, the Scottish fold kittens are one of the most expensive kittens in the world.

Persian cat


This one looks like a plump ball of fur. If long-haired cats are your thing, the Persian cat is the perfect companion for you.

Bengal cat


The Bengal cat is actually an experimental hybrid derived from a leopard cat. However, first generation Bengal cats are too fierce to be kept as pets. Only 4th or higher generation Bengal cats are offered as domestic pets. Be prepared to pay up to $25000 for this beast.



Imagine a pound of fur with 2 lovely eyes – that’s what a Siberian cat is! The perfect cat to cuddle up with.

There you go! Now go spend a tonne of moolah to get an affectionate pet that also doubles up as a status symbol.



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