Mind Map of Protocols used in Different OSI Layers


As the Internet usage grows today, the need for the Internet protocols to evolve becomes a necessary requirement to keep pace with the demand. The basic OSI Layer model on which the Internet is based, need to be modified. Each one of the seven OSI Layer in the model is based on certain protocols which make it easier to modify the overall structure as per the requirement. These protocols serve as the building block of the Internet in general.

A mind map of the different layers in the OSI model with their most popular protocols is shown below with the layer 1 being Physical layer then followed by the Data Link, Network, Transport, Session, Presentation and Application layer going in the clockwise direction.

OSI model

Click here to see the full size mind map.

There are many other protocols associated with the every layer apart from those mentioned above and their usage depends on the requirement of the user. These protocols affect us in everyday life and are doing so as you read this article.

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