Mac OS – Top 10 Apps – 2013



1. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom


Products of Abobe are always catchy, as they have a high productive value in them. This is one of such apps available for the Mac OS, where you do all best editing work on images using this tool. It is available with much more features now.


2. Apple Aperture


This is a featured item from Apple, which works with your Camera. All you need to do is connect your Camera, start working on the photos with a much more intelligent interface, which gives you the feel that it’s going to give you the professional edit.


3. Gargage Band


Love Music? Do you want to create your own track or the track with your friends, this app lets you tune to your own tracks which you can create using Gargage band. This is used by the Cinema industry for the professional music editing.


4. iMovie


A simple tool which lets you add flavor to your video; shot during your picnic, or you when you want to play something special for your friend’s birthday party. The app lets you to seamlessly edit your favorite clips and much more of the basic, still wonderful movie editing tool.


5. iPhoto


The Photo editing software is just the lower version of aperture, where the aperture requires more professional knowledge to handle it. This is software which actually deals with the low photo edit works and must have app on your Mac, so you can easily sync with your iPhone and iPad.


6. iWork


Three tools are packed together in the name of iWork, is wonderful software to create the documents, make presentations, and calculate in sheets. Software bundle has several updates, now you documents can be sync in the cloud for sharing in your iPhones.


7. Bento


Bento is professional loving software. Still, many such competitive software line up giving competition to this. But Bento still requires modifications on the user interface, making it easier and a little knowledge is just required to work on this.


8. Evernote


Here, the evernote team have a sample of software set for every compatible systems making it one of the most trusted software across the multiple OS and interfaces. This is used for the document storage and managing using your evernote account.


9. Hand Brake


The Hand brake, as per name proves in functionality. Though the software missed for some time, these are all the flour based software, where it is used only in places where there is a need, a better utility tool.


10. Parallel Desktop


You are a Mac user, but wished to experience Windows virtually, here is the tool which would not only let you install Windows but the Chrome, Linux OS, also and even the Mac to virtually build a system in your device. This is a must have software for everyone who loves to use multiple operating systems.


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