What lip colors are you wearing this summer?


Lipstick – an irreplaceable item in every woman’s repertoire all over the world; irrespective of age. A great lip color can do wonders for your appearance – it can transform you from ‘plain Jane’ to ‘sexy siren’.


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What most women fail to understand is that not all lip colors sit well on all skin tones. The truth is that there are no universal colors. Each woman would be best served a few specific shades of lip color, and rendered unkempt by a few others. Some of you may have already found your go-to lip shades. Good for you girl!

But what happens when you come back from your summer trip with that well deserved tan? Do you think that colors that worked on you when you were 2 shades lighter would look great even now? Nay, my dear. You need to find those holy grail shades to rock your sun-kissed skin tone. Let us help you with the same.


The very first step in identifying your color palette is to determine your skin’s undertone. Each of us will either have a yellow undertone, a pink undertone or sometimes even a mixture of the two. To identify your skin’s undertone, look closely at the veins on the inner side of your wrist. Bluish veins are suggestive of a pink undertone, whereas greenish veins are suggestive of a yellow undertone. If you can’t tell whether they appear blue or green, you probably have a mix of both undertones.

Those with pink undertones are equated with having cool undertone, whereas those with yellow undertones are considered to have a warm undertone. Whether you’re cool or warm will predominantly determine what lip colours would suit you the most.


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Women with a cool undertone may have a slight pinkish tint to their cheeks. The best lip colors for them would be pink, mauve, red, berry and coffee brown.


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Women with a warm undertone may have a peach or yellowish tint to their cheeks. The best lip colors for them would be dark brown, coral, orangey red, wine and burgundy.


Whatever your undertone, tanned skin calls out for bright lip colors. Bring out those corals, reds and bright pinks. Even deep burgundy or oxblood sits very well on tanned skin.

Pastels and nudes are a total no-no for tanned skin. All these will do is make you look washed out and pale.

Always use a lip balm beforehand so that your lip colour doesn’t settle down into fine lines. If you have pigmented lips, do not apply light lip colours. Make sure your foundation matches your skin tone so that your lip colour gets all the more highlighted.

Last but not the least, do not shy away from bright colours just coz your skin tone is darker. As a matter of fact, dusky sires are able to carry a much wider range of lip colours with much more aplomb than fairer beauties.


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