Befriend Mathematics With The Help Of These 7 Books


Have you been running from Maths and calculations all your life? Has the Calculator cropped your brain? Here is a list of books which can help you befriend Maths and play with it. And if you practice these simple tricks mentioned in the books you can just end up making your brain work like a calculator! Isn’t it amazing? Have a quick look at these 5 books mentioned in order of the precedence.

1. Vedic Mathematics, Bharti Krishna Tirthaji

It is book formulated from the ancient indian Mathematic principles. It involves numerous short tricks to solve fundamental mathematical calculation. It covers detailed tricks for fast calculation of addition, multiplication, squareroots, decimals, equations, partial fractions, pythagoras theorems, appolonious theorem etc.


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2. Mathability- Awaken the Math Genius in your child, Shakuntala Devi

Shakuntala Devi, also called as the Human Computer has written a series of books on Numbers, Simple Rules to make your mind more calculative. One such book is shown below:


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3. Doing Simple mathematics in your Head, W J Howard

This book deals with various shortcuts and strategies to make math simple in our daily lives.


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4. The man who knew Infinity- Life of genius Ramanujan, Robert Kanigel

Ramanujan was a great Indian Mathematician, this book gives a view of Ramanujan way of looking at maths.


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5. Abacus – a series of books by Ruth Merttens

Abacus is a primitive chinese technique to make quick calculations using a device with beads called the abacus.


There are a series of books written by Ruth Merttens for various levels meant for school kids.


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also checkout this link

6. Joy of Numbers, Shakuntala devi

This book is another gem of books on how to understand the secrets behind every Number.


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7. Books by Ivars Peterson

Ivars Peterson is famous for explaining maths involved in everyday in a tourist style. It is interesting to to read one of his books. He also explains some Chess Tricks.


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Even if you follow any 1 of these books nicely, you will soon feel an immense change in your way of dealing with mathematics. So get hold of 1 book and start reading!!



  1. guys try one of these now, and feel the change.. i just read few pages of Shakuntala Devi’s book and personally feel my mind is more active on numbers now, i can remember figures better and even relate it to numerology!

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