Learn What To Study for the CPA Exam


If you want to be a Certified Public Accountant, passing the CPA exam is a requirement. The exam is made up of four sections- Business Environment and Concepts (BEC), Auditing and Attestation (AUD), Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR), and Regulation. The CPA examination is similar for all students. However, CPA exams may differ based on the requirements of different educational centers.

Moreover, some people learn best in a classroom, while some prefer studying by themselves. You should select a CPA review course that best fits your learning style. Additionally, choose a course that offers discounts to its users. A CPA review course discount will make a massive difference in your finances. Below are some of the available CPA review courses.

Video Lectures

One of the recommended study materials for CPA exam review courses is videos. You can select the best videos based on your learning style. You can choose video lectures that are engaging and interesting. It will help to capture your attention because of the entertainment. 

A lecture video helps to simplify learning because of the extensive explanations. Some videos entail details on how to memorize the video’s contents. There are cpa review course discounts that are beneficial, especially if you find a lecture video that suits your learning style. If you pass the CPA exam, you will save money and time.

Becker CPA Review

For most people, being exam-ready entails using tools to help in preparing for the CPA exam. Becker is one of the leading CPA review platforms that help students prepare for CPA exams. Becker CPA Exam Review entails high-quality content, guidance from experts, and personalized lectures. They offer tools that will help you practice for exams. The webcast courses are taught and written by qualified professionals. 

Becker is always up to date because they provide the trending Continuing Professional Education (CPE) catalog. The professionals at Becker offer efficient study tools that best suit your learning style. Further, the review program is tailored towards helping you to avoid spending more money on retakes. Becker is an affordable platform that offers discounts to its users.

Surgent CPA Review Courses

Surgent is vastly known for offering an unparalleled experience for preparation for exams. It provides preparation courses for those taking CISA, CIA, CPA, EA, and CMA examinations. Most students prefer it because it offers a wide range of preparation courses.

The program has evolved due to the growing technology. It offers adaptive learning software called Adaptive Study and Accelerated Performance (A.S.A.P) technology, incorporated into the review courses. The first step is to track your knowledge level. Based on the assessment, A.S.A.P. technology can analyze your weak and strong points. In addition to this, A.S.A.P can assess your progress, hence, give the most suitable content.

Students prefer it because it provides CPA review course discounts to users.

Platinum CPA Review Courses

The course will equip you with the fundamental tools you need to pass the CPA exam. It offers an affordable Platinum package with discounts. Incidentally, it entails 2200 plus pages to prepare you for the final exam. Their lecture videos are 140 plus hours with length and detailed explanations. 

There are over 12000 multiple choice questions with proven results to help you in your revision. They offer online classes with personal instructions from experienced professionals. The platform is efficient because it provides unlimited access until you pass your CPA exam. 

Additionally, the forum is convenient because it allows for 24-hour access. You can, hence, use the platform for revision at any time of the day and night.

UWorld Roger CPA Review

The platform is rapidly gaining momentum because it uses Smartpath Predictive Technology. It helps students prepare for their CPA exams. Ultimately, it provides unlimited practice CPA exams for students. 

Quizzes will supplement the revision for each topic. If you are good at memorizing content, UWorld Roger Review offers digital flashcards. The platform comprises the most engaging lectures that will help you to grasp the content.

Notably, the CPA exam is globally vital for accounting majors. It is essential for students majoring in CPA to pass their examination for career advancement. As a student, make sure you select a CPA review course that is best for you. Ensure you know the differences between the various CPA prep courses offered. Picking the wrong prep course could waste your time and money. Different study materials can help you to pass the four sections of the CPA exams.


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