Latest 6 hot and delicious Bollywood gossips from frying pan


We all like raunchy and delicious gossips of Bollywood. They entertain us, relieve us from the daily humdrum and make us quip. Let’s plunge in some recent Bollywood gossips. We promise that you will absolutely love them –

Why is Kareena upset with Deepika?

It’s the extreme case of taking things personally. Recently Deepika remarked – “I am not getting married and I am not pregnant.” While this statement has nothing to do with Begum of Bollywood, Kareena is very upset with the statement and she has felt that the statement has pointed fingers only at her. This is called catching the fly from the air and saying it’s your own.


Does Dishoom reconstruct John Abraham’s career?

We all know that this model turned actor worked hard and transmuted himself from nobody to the angry young man of Bollywood. But after Madras Café his career has been going downward. Do you think action and comedy packed Dishoom will re-establish him again? Only time will tell.


Is Naseeruddin Shah looking for promotion by a mindless statement?

Recently renowned actor Naseeruddin Shah made a statement about late Rajesh Khanna. He said that late Rajesh Khanna was a very poor actor. Looking at late Rajesh Khanna’s films and legacy, does it make sense? Late Rajesh Khanna’s daughter Twinkle Khanna and wife Dimple Kapadia both slammed Naseeruddin Shah for his downright humiliating statement. The question is what Naseeruddin Shah is looking for – an easy promotion?


Partying all night with girlfriend’s ex:

Ranveer Singh has his own unique way of dealing with a relationship. Recently, he was spotted with Deepika and her ex Ranbir Kapoor. They partied all night and enjoyed their heart out. When asked how you deal with such a situation, with a wink Ranveer Singh remarked that what matters is who is going home with the girl! Seems funny but isn’t it to put a tinge of salt on the already wounded area? Ranveer Singh knows better.


Who killed the blackbuck in 1998?

In chinkara case, the judge mentioned that there was no reason to punish our Being Human Sultan because the evidence that was found was circumstantial. But this is not what creates the goose-bumps. What’s surprising is it is being heard (maybe a rumour or sort) that Salman Khan was not involved in killing the blackbuck at all in 1998? Rather he was trying to save the actual killer of the blackbuck and it is our Chhote Nawab, Saif Ali Khan. The news is sensational and if it turns out to be true, maybe a huge explosion would shatter the fame of Saif.


Kabali remake in Hindi:

We all know that Kabali earned a whopping 250 crores already, but its Hindi-dubbed version didn’t know as good as expected. Rumours are that our Big B would act in the Kabali’s Hindi remake. Is it true? But it’s sure that if it were not Big B, then no-one would take the place of Rajni in this Hindi remake. Don’t you agree?




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